Object 38 - "Red Light White Light"
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Object 38, better known as Red Light White Light, is an object designed and manufactured by the Backrooms Robotics. Its sole purpose is to detect if food contains any form of harmful biological contamination. It is made of G9hS54, which was discovered by the Backrooms Robotics not long before RLWL was first developed.

Location & obtaining

Wanderers are strongly encouraged to obtain and use sticks of RLWL. Due to the unpredictability of the Backrooms, food is not only hard to find, but also often unsafe for consumption. As demonstrated by the recent outbreak of the Disease on Level 4, contaminated food has become a significant environmental threat for communities across the Backrooms. The invention of RLWL can give wanderers peace of mind that what they are eating is free of harmful microbes. Sticks of RLWL may be acquired from many M.E.G. and Backrooms Robotics facilities, where they are often distributed to Wanderers free of charge.

On occasion, intelligent entities such as Level 122’s Server may offer Wanderers what appears to be a stick of RLWL. Wanderers are strongly advised NOT to accept the item offered, which is likely to be the hazardous raw form of Object 38, known as material G9hS54 (the properties of G9hS54 will be elaborated on further below).

Since they were first developed, there have been many reports of sticks of RLWL appearing naturally in multiple levels. These reports cannot be verified, and the Backrooms Robotics has made no public comment on the phenomenon. Wanderers are advised not to touch naturally occurring sticks of RLWL, in case they turn out to be unrefined sticks of G9hS54 instead.

Physical description and use

Before use, RLWL has the appearance of a white stick, and nothing more. The object is coarse and bumpy in texture, and uncomfortable to hold in one’s hand. Sticks of RLWL may measure anywhere between 5 and 20 inches long, with the diameter of an average pointer finger. Sticks of RLWL are almost identical in appearance to G9hS54 apart from the Backrooms Robotics insignia engraved on them.

If stuck in anything with a sufficiently high microbial count, an RLWL stick will rapidly change color, turning a vibrant red. RLWL will only detect biological hazards such as bacterial, viral, or fungal contaminants. RLWL is not able to test for chemical toxins or radiological threats (though other tests are available for such hazards). Once a stick has turned red, it cannot be re-used. Wanderers are advised to dispose of used sticks, and to obtain new sticks as soon as possible.


G9hS54 is the raw form of RLWL, and is extremely dangerous. Raw sticks of G9hS54 are considered a biological hazard. In non-sterile environments, sticks of G9hS54 have been found to not only absorb microbes in their surroundings, but to act as breeding grounds which harbor and promote the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Worst of all, once saturated with microbes, raw sticks have been known to release them into their immediate surroundings, resulting in severe biological contamination.

Though most entities are not susceptible to the microbes absorbed by raw G9hS54, it is believed that entities with sufficient intelligence are aware of the biological hazard they pose to their habitat. This might explain why some entities attempt to get rid of the sticks by offering them to passing Wanderers.

Despite the hazardous nature of G9hS54 , the M.E.G. assures wanderers that it is not a major cause for concern. The substance does not occur naturally in levels wanderers are likely to frequent, and has never been found in levels of SD-class 3 or lower.

The Backrooms Robotics guarantees that "Red Light White Light" is completely safe for consumers, having undergone rigorous development and testing to ensure it functions only as intended.


This file is an internal document belonging to Backrooms Robotics. Access is strictly not permitted for public users. Anyone caught accessing the contents of this file will be dealt with accordingly.

The following is the transcript of an interview conducted between The M.E.G. and the Head of Research of the Backrooms Robotics.

Date: 7/15/2021
Chief Interviewer: M.E.G. Researcher Jessica Ryans
Supervising: M.E.G. Researcher Sarah Jones
Advising: M.E.G. Researcher Alexander Azeil
Interviewee: Backrooms Robotics Head of Research

Jessica Ryans: Hello? Jessica reporting in from Base Omega.

Alexander Azeil: Base Gamma.

Sarah Jones: Base Gamma.

Interviewee: Backrooms Robotics HQ, Level 522.

Jessica Ryans: Right, we're all here! For the recording, could you describe in detail this RLWL product you've developed, please?

Interviewee: Of course. Under the Concord General Agreement, the Backrooms Robotics has been contracted to develop technology to advance the interests of both the B.R. and the M.E.G. Am I correct?

Sarah Jones: Yep.

Interviewee: We have developed an object that we believe is beneficial to both our groups. This object detects if any food or drink contains microbial contaminants, without the need for microscopic examination.

Jessica Ryans: This could be interesting. It's about time-

Alexander Azeil: Now wait a minute.. We all know about what this object used to be. G9hS54 to be precise. How do we know that it's safe now?

Sarah Jones: Yeah… good point. Maybe you could demonstrate it for us on camera?

Interviewee: Of course. Please give me a moment…

(The interviewee moves the camera towards an experimental set-up. On one plate is a fresh red apple. On another is a wilted, rotting apple. Between the two is a stick of Red Light White Light.)

Interviewee: Observe that the fruit on the right appears safe to eat. I will now test it.

(The interviewee rubs the stick of RLWL across the surface of the apple repeatedly. The stick remains white. The interviewee proceeds to take a bite out of the apple, and proceeds clearly unharmed.)

Interviewee: Observe that the fruit on the left is covered in mold, and is clearly unsafe for consumption. I will now test it.

(The interviewee moves the RLWL towards the rotten apple. As soon as the stick makes contact with the apple, its tip turns a bright red, the color rapidly spreading up the entirety of the stick. The interviewee holds the red stick up to the camera one last time, before setting it down with a flourish.)

Jessica Ryans: See guys? I knew this was big!

Alexander Azeil: I guess… but a couple more things before I'm willing to approve this.

Interviewee: Yes?

Alexander Azeil: We've heard rumors that one of your employees went missing recently. This wouldn't happen to have to do with the production of this object?

Interviewee: This has nothing to do with our product, Doctor Azeil. The employee in question was causing trouble to begin with. We had them… terminated… from employment.

Alexander Azeil: Hmph… I suppose that's normal. One last thing. Could you outline the manufacturing process of this product?

Interviewee: I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Sarah Jones: I believe he's trying to ask what changes you've made to the object to make it safe?

Interviewee: Well, that is a rather technical matter, and I don’t think it will be necessary for this interview-

Alexander Azeil: Well, see, I’m a researcher too. Matter of fact, all of us here are research staff. And I want to know.

Interviewee: Do we have a problem, Doctor Azeil? You seem to be rather… uncooperative. I have shown you that the object works. I have used it, and I am not dead. Is that not proof enough?

Alexander Azeil: I just want to remind you of what happened the last time you tried to sell us something. Object 8 turned out to be-

Interviewee: Are you questioning the integrity of the Backrooms Robotics?

Alexander Azeil: Oh I absolutely am questioning your integrity, because you were using the lamps to spy on us-

Interviewee: For the last time, the cameras were necessary for the object’s navigational system to calib-

Alexander Azeil: We have NO REASON TO TRUST-

Jessica Ryans: ALEX! ENOUGH. Let’s give her a chance to speak for herself, shall we?

Interviewee: Thank you, Ms Ryans. Now, if you would have let me finish, Mr Azeil, I was going to offer to send you the files detailing the design and operation of our RLWL sticks after this meeting.

Jessica Ryans: That sounds good! If it really bothers Alex that much, we can all meet in person. It'll be much easier to ensure that everything is working as intended!

Interviewee: That is fine. However… now that I have shown you the object functioning correctly, may I confirm that RLWL has your conclusive approval before we conclude this meeting? We would hate to begin mass production only to have you cancel on us.

Alexander Azeil: I don’t think-

Interviewee: Let me assure you all - the Backrooms Robotics prides itself in helping travelers. We would never release something unsafe for public use. You have no need to worry. On our end, we have tested the product extensively, and I give you my word that it is completely safe for use.

Jessica Ryans: Sure! The product is clearly safe to me, and I could see it being very useful. If I have your permission, Alexander?

Alexander Azeil: I don't think… Ugh. Fine.


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