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In keeping with the "K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) Principle," the Major Explorer Group assigned the classification of Seer Tea as Object 365, created from the pulverized remains of Entity 365, found exclusively on Level 365.

What are Sightless Seers?

Although Sightless Seers are encountered on Level 365, they do not live there. They originate from a realm beyond mirrors and the Backrooms is toxic to them. Seers briefly enter our world to feed on human souls.


Sketch of Sightless Seer.
M.E.G. Archives

As a scientist, I cannot believe that I wrote that last sentence. But I know that this is true because I once found myself on their menu.

Sightless Seers resemble slowly-flying jellyfish that radiate optical explosions of blues and greens as they float elegantly and silently through the air. Not quite transparent, their disc-shaped body measures roughly eight centimeters in diameter. Seers are both relentless and invulnerable to physical attacks. Appearing aquatic, they actually have a strong aversion to liquids.

According to Anne Dunne, "If good fortune favors the prey…the Seer can lose enough energy to make returning through any mirror impossible. It will eventually wither and die. The tiny corpse becomes cloudy and brittle."

Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD

What is Seer Tea?

Seer Tea is not a panacea. It is a dietary supplement or "vitamin drink" created by pulverizing dead Sightless Seers and dissolving their powdered remains into a cup of boiling water. This beverage complements the benefits of Almond Water.

Although the evidence is anecdotal in nature, there have been reliable reports of physical, mental, and even "supernatural" enrichment from consuming this tonic. Temporary enhancements have been observed with a single serving. Cumulative improvements often accompany regular ingestion.

Anne Dunne
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"

Preparing the Sightless Seer

Seer preparation for human consumption is a time-consuming procedure. Much of it is a waiting game.

  • Shortly after the Seer dies, an organic metamorphosis causes the body to become bubbly and gelatinous. Mark its location carefully and do not disturb.

Faunal remains of Sightless Seer.
M.E.G. Archives

  • The Seer will eventually solidify and become milky white. When it completely hardens and can be removed smoothly and efficiently from its location, it can be stored in a dry container. Be careful, the Seer is very brittle.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not (under any circumstances) attempt to wash any part of the Seer. This will begin a negative process that cannot be halted or reversed. (Wet Seer faunal remains must be discarded.) The specimen may be dusted with a dry brush to remove any loose foreign matter.

Mortar and pestle used
to grind dead Seers into powder.
M.E.G. Archives

  • The final step is to grind the Seer into a fine powder. This is accomplished by carefully breaking the fragile specimen into smaller pieces by hand (contaminants and impurities can be removed and discarded at this point) and then crushing the fragments with a mortar and pestle. Store the powder in a clean and dry container.

My recipe for Seer Tea

Use eight ounces of liquid (or one cup) as a standard serving.


Micro Spoon (1/16 teaspoon)
M.E.G. Archives

Never mix more than 1/8 teaspoon or two "pinches" of Seer per serving. A pinch is the amount of powder that can be taken between your thumb and finger or 1/16 of a teaspoon.

Always add the Seer powder to boiling liquid to destroy any bacteria.

I start with four ounces of boiling water, add powdered Seer and stir vigorously, and then add four ounces of cold water. I drink the contents as quickly as possible to lessen the unpalatable sensation of the "Living Mouthful."

(The "Living Mouthful" is a harmless tactile illusion that the mouth is full of "live nightcrawlers and squirming minnows." It feels like that the whole way down when you swallow.)

Anne Dunne
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"

A Brief History

It all began when M.E.G. recruits J.J. Jordan and Kris McKenna found a plain Sandalwood chest hidden on Level 1. The box held a small table mirror framed in heavy brass; matching brass hairbrush; mortar and pestle; glass apothecary jar filled with white powder; tiny wooden spoon; and a scroll of pictorial instructions without text. Jordan and McKenna independently discovered Level 365 and Sightless Seers by no-clipping there while examining the table mirror.

The Major Explorer Group established Team "Looking Glass" to offer lost wanderers on this level comfort and safety. Rations of water and nourishment, as well as messages and maps, are provided.

Anne Dunne determined that the "Sandalwood Relic" was a toolkit, created by persons unknown, to visit and survive Level 365 and gather dead Seers.

It has been confirmed to my satisfaction that drinking this so-called "Seer Tea" has granted the entire "Looking Glass" team immunity from psychic attack and negative influences and energies. Our physical and mental well-being has also significantly improved.

Thomas Oliver Greer
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"

To: Undisclosed Recipients
From: Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD <moc.tnatlusnoc|trahenihrj#moc.tnatlusnoc|trahenihrj>
Subject: Ingestion of Object 365

As an advisor and consultant to the Major Explorer Group, I submit this preliminary data regarding the health benefits of ingesting Object 365. For the record, there have been no detrimental effects. Here are the ten advantages most often reported by our sample of volunteer test subjects:

  1. Extra stamina and vigor
  2. Quicker reflexes and coordination
  3. Reduced anxieties and stress
  4. Improved focus and concentration
  5. Sharper memory and better recall
  6. Increased luck or "positive coincidences"
  7. Enhanced intuition
  8. Protection from psychic attack
  9. Spontaneous clairvoyance
  10. Precognitive dreams and visions

Any marked increase in the physical and mental abilities (1-5) of the test subjects can be readily observed and proven through study. This is basic research. When it comes to advantages of a psychic (6-10) nature, analysis enters the waters of obscurity. The evidence is both dramatic and sporadic. Scientific proof is elusive.

On a subjective note, I cannot partake of Seer Tea myself. That "Living Mouthful" phenomenon is enough to "gag a maggot."

Forgive my levity.

Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD

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