Object 30
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M.E.G. agent melting marshmallows on a little stove.


Greasy Marshmallows are little fluffy cylinders with a sweet taste and a soft texture. This object seems to be very popular among the wanderers of the Backrooms, as they are useful for gaining energy or simply getting strength as of its effects. When the object has been melted, it has a consistency similar to chocolate syrup or honey.

This food can only be eaten if they are melted. When the marshmallows aren't melted, instead of having positive effects, they will just cause fatigue, and your body will begin to feel heavy as you lose your energy. It's better to melt this object with Almond Water, as it reduces the risk of there being bacteria. The reason is unknown. However, it's thought to be because of a substance they could hypothetically have inside them.

Helpful Uses

The greasy marshmallows will only be useful if you eat them melted, otherwise they will exhibit their negative properties. It's recommended to always have a melted portion of this object if you're going to do elaborate actions which need a lot of energy or physical strength. Wanderers have preferred to use this object when they have to run away from entities or are rescuing people.


This object can be found in any Level of The Backrooms. However, there are some specific areas of all Levels where there are marshmallows. The likelihood of finding the object depends on the Level. The location where it can be most commonly found is within the kitchen area of Level -599.

Side Effects

This object may be very useful, but after you use it, you can start feeling its side effects, such as headaches, stomachache, bloating and if you eat too much you may experience a heart attack. Consuming around 50-90 of these marshmallows in their melted form can make your skin squishy and soft. You will also get pale, and your body will start to emit a sweet aroma. Eating from 100-110 of these object will make your body feel heavy, and you will start to feel greasy. Your skin will become very soft, and it will become very difficult for you to move.

Object 30's side effects log.

Begin log : 12:17 Mid-day.
Unknown wanderer : "H- hello..? I just *he vomits* agh.. I just ate a bag of this…. marshmallows… they were melted though.. I.. I am not sure what's happening.. my skin is getting very…. greasy.."
*The wanderer starts to lose oxygen as it's heard in the recording*
Unknown wanderer : "I really…. need help… I am not sure what's happening.."
*The wanderer starts to melt*
Unknown wanderer : "M.E.G……… help me, if someone is hearing this…"
*An M.E.G. agent get's into the Level*
M.E.G. agent : *To communicator* "M.E.G., we require medical assistance, excessive consume of Object 30."
M.E.G. agent : "Cancel the mission. It's too late, we can't save them.."
Communicator : "Alright, we need to locate the Marshmallows. In what Level was the affected person?"
M.E.G. agent : "Level 0. He been completely transformed already, sadly.."
Communicator : "Alright, we need to report this to the headquarters."
M.E.G. agent : "Wait a minut- wh- what… *The M.E.G. agent notices there are 21 other corpses turning into marshmallows*
M.E.G. agent : "What th- w-"
M.E.G. agent : *To communicator* "We have an emergency, I repeat, emergency. At least 21 bodies are on Level 0 turning into grease and marshmallows. I require assistance to take them out of the area!"

End log : April 6th, 2018th. 13:00


  • Melt the marshmallows.
  • Don't melt more than 30.
  • Wait 40 minutes to consume more marshmallows.
  • Cook them with Almond Water.
  • Make sure to be careful while eating them. The smell may be sweet, but it attracts dangerous entities.

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