Object 29 - "3D Vision Glasses"
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Object 29


A pair of 3D Vision Glasses

3D Vision Glasses are a pair of glasses that give the wearer third-person perspective sight. 3D Vision Glasses are uncommon, but consistently turn up in Level 290 (allegedly found in here first, hence the Object number) and Level 68, lying in the corners of cinema rooms or underneath seats. They can also sometimes be found in Level 25 and Level 40.


3D Vision Glasses have the appearance of normal 3D glasses offered in cinemas for viewing of "3D" films. They have a thin and boxy frame, as if folded out of a bendy, plastic-like material. The only difference between this object and its Frontroom counterpart is that the colors of the lenses are swapped, with the right lens being red and the left one being blue. The Glasses come only in one-size-fits-all.

Despite their flimsy appearance, 3D Vision Glasses are surprisingly durable; they are resistant to tearing, snapping, and water. When worn, they remain glued to the wearer's face, ensuring that they stay in place even when running, jumping, or entering water. However, the wearer can easily remove them without resistance.


Wearing 3D Vision Glasses completely replaces one's normal sight with an external perspective view. The wearer looks down at themselves from a mid-high point behind them, akin to the "3rd person view" in 21st century video games. Navigating this enhanced vision is similar to normal vision, following the position of the body and rotating with the head and eyes.

The new field of vision is also wider than a human's, allowing the user to have an ample view of their surroundings. Some notable advantages are:

  • broader peripheral vision
  • elevated vision perspective
  • above average clarity when looking at objects at a distance
  • being able to see around corners while staying safely behind walls

A wanderer with myopia (interview transcript below) reported having completely clear sight while wearing 3D Vision Glasses. It is currently unknown what would happen if a blind person were to wear the Glasses.


3D Vision Glasses are used by some wanderers who have decided to train themselves to expertly navigate the 3rd person view, and are able to utilize its advantages. They train their coordination, proprioception (spatial perception) and their new sense of sight, which may come more naturally and quickly to some.

Advanced M.E.G. regiments (particularly Rescues and Raids, Frontline Explorers, and Entity Removal,) occasionally make use of 3D Vision Glasses for particularly dangerous expeditions which would benefit from enhanced vision.


Putting on 3D Vision Glasses for the first few times can be very disorienting; inexperienced wearers will feel dizzy, overwhelmed, unbalanced, and even nauseous and hysterical at worst.

Vice-versa, for long-time users of 3D Vision Glasses who constantly live in a 3rd person view perspective, taking the Glasses off also causes dizziness and mild panic. The sheer reduction of sight feels limiting and uncomfortable to wanderers who have grown used to a broader and enhanced field of view.

Selected clip from minute 10:34 to 12:19

Date: 9/23/2021
Interviewer: M.E.G. Researcher Alice J. Sue
Interviewee: Independent wanderer Rob Matthews


Sue: Thank you for giving us an insight on how these glasses work. I assume you've been using them for a while?

Matthews: Yes, and while it's hard to keep track of time in this place, y'know, I'd say for at least 5 months.

Sue: Do you wear them in certain situations, or to face certain Levels?

Matthews: I wear them all the time.

Sue: All the time? You never take them off?

Matthews: Never. (chuckles.) Why would I choose to downgrade to having a worse vision? Not to mention I was nearsighted.

Sue: You "were"…?

(The interviewee takes out a pair of normal glasses from an inner pocket of his jacket.)

Matthews: Well, my normal vision is myopic; I still keep my corrective glasses just in case, y'know. But when I wear these (taps his 3D Glasses) I see as clear as day. Clearer, even!

Sue: …So not even when you sleep?

Matthews: No m'am.

(The interviewer tentatively reaches her hand towards the 3D Vision Glasses the interviewee is wearing.)

Sue: Would it be possible for me to quickly try them on? To have a first-hand experience.

(The interviewee quickly leans away, shaking his head.)

Matthews: No, trust me, that would do us both harm. I already told you about the effects of rapidly switching visions—especially if you're used to your current one.

Sue: Oh, of course. I'm very intrigued, that's all.

(The interviewer sits back in her chair.)

Sue: Are you sure you don't want to lend your 3D Vision Glasses to the M.E.G. for further research? Only for a short period of time, and you would be well compensated—

Matthews: No sorry, these glasses are a part of me. It's like asking someone to take one of their senses away. Y'know?


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