Umi's Sweets
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Umi's Sweets is the colloquial designation given to a wide variety of assorted candies exclusively available on Level 9, all with the brand name "Mummy Umi" on their wrappers.

Description of Mummy Umi:

Umi's Sweets can be only obtained by knocking on any door on Level 9 and after waiting exactly eight seconds a serpentine entity called Mummy Umi will open the door and confront the individual.

Its presence induces extreme hysteria in all individuals within 70 meters frequently prompting them to scream. Once any sound is made either by the individual or any external source, an intensely bright light is discharged, identical to the light emitted from the watchers, but with a much larger area (50 meters in diameter) turning all wanderers present to dust. If a person succeeds in remaining completely silent, the entity will hand out some Umi's Sweets to them and disappear. Some theorize that Mummy Umi is comprised of pure, solid liquid silence due to its vanta-black color and fear-inducing property. Some go even further to say that Mummy Umi is a special type of scream eater, but of course, none of this is confirmed.

Apart from being a constant height of 2.3 meters, Mummy Umi has various forms and every encounter greatly differs from one person to the next. Wanderers have reported that some forms of the entity are much more terrifying than others, and it is said that the rarity and quantity of sweets offered is dependent on how frightening the form is. It also seems that Umi has a special affinity for children less than 13 as it takes on tamer forms in their presence. Sometimes when children make sounds, instead of instantly executing them, Mummy Umi will only become agitated or will quickly shut the door.

Umi Sweets and their effects:

There are a variety of Umi's Sweets. most are valuable with useful qualities, making them highly desired and traded for in the backrooms while some have disastrous effects and should be avoided entirely.

Paprika Pumpkin Puffs:


Pumpkin Paprika Puffs can be traded for a bottle of Almond Water.

The most common and probably most enjoyed candy. This sweet resembles macarons, a popular snack in the Frontrooms, but much smaller. Pumpkin Puffs have no negative effects but are described to have a powerful pleasing taste nearing euphoria. They are known for their mildly sweet but spicy taste; they are always warm to the touch and never spoil, staying fresh and hot for months. This sweet has a moderately crunchy exterior and a very fluffy sweet cream interior. It also has a striking autumn spice aroma.
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Almond Sugars:


This amount of Almond Sugar is worth five liters of liquid silence.

Almond Sugars are small white crystals of highly concentrated Almond Water. When lightly heated (40oC), they expand to such an extent that a single bead of Almond Sugar will create at least five liters of Almond Water. Since they are extremely rare and invaluable, Almond Sugars are only seen amongst large groups who use them as a more efficient way of storing gallons worth of Almond Water. They can also be chewed, but will have a repulsive, bitter taste with the same or less effect as a regular cup of Almond Water and will be a waste of resources.
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Marshmallow Crunch:


A single Marshmallow Crunch worth one gram of Firesalt.

These are pastel-colored marshmallow candies shaped into various animals and shapes like cats, pumpkins, and bats. They have an overwhelming but immensely addictive sugary sweet taste making it essentially impossible to eat less than three pieces. Like molten Greasy Marshmallows, they are a great source of energy, eliminating any need for sleep or rest and allowing extended periods of physical strain. However, they are only viable in small quantities, any more than ten grams will cause sudden weakness and fatigue that lasts for up to three hours, and more than twenty grams causes permanent confusion causing victims to slowly turn into a Wretch later on. In order to avoid overdosing, it is recommended that this item should be only used in dire situations.
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Lucky Bars:


Flavours of lucky bars. The common flavors are worth five grams of Firesalt each. The yellow luck flavor is worth 15 kilograms of Firesalt.

Lucky bars are long flat bars of what seems to be hardened Lucky O' milk of various flavors. While most of the common flavors of Lucky Bars such as plain, strawberry, and Chocolate have less of an effect than their liquid counterpart, the luck flavor is more potent and much rarer. Though the luck flavor has the same bright yellow hue and distinct banana scent as in the drink, once its wrapper is removed, its solid form progressively liquifies into a sticky semi-solid before quickly forming a soft custard-like gel. The harder the Lucky Bar is, the luckier the individual becomes; however, this effect turns into bad luck once the Lucky Bar becomes soft enough to be chewed. luck gained from the candy is usually in the form of finding useful items and resources or even escaping entities or situations one would not normally escape from. Bad luck on the other hand is associated with random no-
clips to very dangerous levels, hoards of hostile entities appearing from nowhere, and bottles of Almond Water suddenly turning into Cashew Water or Liquid Pain. All effects dissipate four to five hours after consumption, but transformed bottles of Almond Water will not return to their original form.
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Mints of Knowledge


A bowl of Mints of Knowledge worth around ten bottles of Almond Water.

Being among the more common Umi's sweets, Mints of Knowledge, while appearing identical to normal peppermint candies, have an overly fierce mint flavor that is as repulsive as it is intense, usually leaving a burning mint aftertaste that lasts for six to nine hours. Consumption of the mint gives the individual knowledge or expertise in any wanted skill1 which can range from medical prowess or great athletic ability to just knowing where the nearest exit is. All understanding and knowledge is instantly forgotten once the minty aftertaste dissipates. The individual will then suffer a side effect which could be a state of confusion or fatigue to the loss of random memories, or even that of initial knowledge.


The others mentioned below either have little to no notable properties or are poorly documented. Please refrain from eating any sub-class of Umi's Sweets that is not in our database till further information is available.

Fire salted caramel:
A regular caramel sweet; it is fairly hot so let it cool a bit before eating.

Party Pops:
These are rainbow-colored lollipops that are rumored to slowly turn some people into Partygoers. This is not confirmed but is under serious investigation.

This Sweet is Gummy:
A variant of This Meat is Gummy possessing fruity flavors instead of meat. They are much more energetic and will wiggle away at any given chance. They are sometimes sprinkled with sugar.

Royal Jelly:
Its existence has never been truly confirmed, but is said to be small gumdrops of Royal Rations.

Strawberry Babel:
An edible Babel Balm with a sweet strawberry flavor. It lasts slightly longer than regular Babel Balm.

Spirulina Bar:
This is a 100% blue algae-based candy bar. It doesn't taste too bad and is incredibly filling for its size.


Umi's Sweets are among the earliest known objects, first used by The Lost around 2,000 years ago. It is said to have been discovered accidentally by a 12-year-old girl of Celtic origin. Since then, daring wanderers and small groups oftentimes go on expeditions to Level 9 for Umi's Sweets and in an effort to establish themselves.

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