Object 216 - "Hyrum Lanterns"
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"…and brilliant so were his first fragments and kindle and creation… And in a voice all-luminous, he spoke into every realm, to every world, in every soul: 'Let There Be Light! And Brilliance Gather And Fill The Darkness! And All The Darkness Be Expelled From Every Soul! So All Life Be Guided And Unlost! So I Shalt Be In Thy Body And Thy Soul; A Bulwark Against The Dark…'"

- Transcript of Elder Raetheth of the Petrified
The Creation of the First Brilliance/All-Brilliance.


To better understand Hyrum Lanterns, we must first learn what Hyrum Light is: Hyrum Light is one of many fragmented pieces that intentionally fractured from the First Brilliance; the all-encompassing origin of everything that realizes any kind of light or otherwise takes its form in essence just as Hyrum Light does. Hyrum Light embodies the form of all things that create natural light, like stars or the flame in a candle; things that are unmade by humans that have or may have already existed in the natural laws of the universe and realms beyond that, such as the Backrooms. Hyrum Light takes the appearance of lanterns in the Backrooms, and peculiar yet is that Hyrum Light only exists in lanterns that manifest naturally in the Backrooms. Even if one were to artificially create Hyrum Light with the creation of a lantern to produce its flame, its significance in difference is a huge margin from its original form.1 This proves the ever-present influence Hyrum Light has over specific objects and beings in multiple universes.



An image of a Hyrum Lantern taken from Level 9.

The instance to the left is a handheld Hyrum Lantern with a design particularly similar to lanterns of the 70s era: the base and handle of the lantern are made of slightly rusted metal, with thin pieces hugging the glass that encompasses the flame. This instance was located inside a living room by the M.E.G.'s Penelope Harveston, during a certain expedition that took place within Level 9. Hyrum Lanterns are predominantly found in dark levels and are of utmost importance for survival in the Backrooms due to a specific process known as the Inverse Moth Effect which will be discussed further on. Hyrum Lanterns are exceptionally shatter-resistant, lightweight, and durable, capable of withstanding a force of at least 2 tons.2 Additionally, these lanterns tend to emit faint yet warm and calming fragrances, such as lavender, vanilla, and chamomile; it is assumed that this is only an aftereffect from Hyrum Light once the lantern is ignited, as this does not permeate once it is turned off. It is also observed that when turned on, Hyrum Lanterns produce a quiet humming similar to white noise. These features thus help those traveling to remain collected and clear of mind despite stressful situations.

Though Hyrum Lanterns often glow a white-golden light that shines around at 480-515 Lumens3 on average, there are cases where a certain number of lanterns can reach up to 1000 Lumens in brightness and have a more potent or direct Inverse Moth Effect compared to other Hyrum Lanterns. However, this does not necessarily mean that the two have drastic differences in values, as they still retain the same maximum and minimum IME4 rates. It is not found how long a Hyrum Lantern can stay in activation, though it is assumed that one could operate the lantern as many times as one pleases. In some cases that are yet to be further looked into, the object may also activate randomly for the individual using it. Observations also show that Hyrum Lanterns do not experience total energy loss or any increase in temperature even when in activation.


The Inverse Moth Effect (I.M.E. for short) is the effect in which Hyrum Lanterns repels any entities within a 15-foot radius (or a circumference of 94.25 feet) as far as a distance of 30 feet from the holder of the lantern and will retreat further if approached. Despite the fact that Hyrum Lanterns do not exude temperatures high enough to cause harm, aggressive or naturally dangerous entities that are caught within the light's vicinity will endure severe or occasionally lethal burns; entities resistant to burns do not make an exception from this effect.

As of the current time, the only organisms that have complete immunity against Hyrum Light are humans and the species of the petrified—the latter not only having deep devotion to an enigmatic figure simply known as the First Prince but also being created directly from the First Brilliance, albeit from a different fragment that we have yet to know. Harmless/passive entities will usually be safe from the lantern’s light, though there have been cases where the opposite occurred. Humans that have been mutated into entities, as well as entities that have gained human intelligence, are not immune from the Inverse Moth Effect. It is presumed from this information that Hyrum Light follows a strict set of natural laws that cannot be exactly pinpointed due to its vague specificity.

Based on previous observations, the activation period of a lantern (though never flickering and ever-constant) appears to be constant for as long as the individual possessing it keeps faith within the object. Further study shows that those who also believe in the existence of the First Brilliance can keep their Hyrum Lantern activated for long periods; in some cases, the lantern turns on automatically in the presence of danger. Once a Hyrum Lantern is deactivated, entities that were driven away from the area will remain disoriented and fearful of the light for approximately 2 to 4 minutes, then regain partial cognitive abilities. Entities that have regenerative traits will heal from the scorches much slower than their usual processes, but will eventually be active.


Since Hyrum Light embodies and manifests in all lanterns in the Backrooms, manmade ones or lanterns that were not naturally generated by a level/did not already exist inside a level, are no exception to this rule. The Artificial Inverse Moth Effect (A-I.M.E. for short) eventuates when creating a new lantern; Hyrum Light will indeed manifest within the lantern, but not at its full potential. In fact, 99.8% of Hyrum Light's potential effects are completely annulled by this precedent artificiality. It is not exactly known why this is the case nor why it is near-impossible to create an effective A-I.M.E.5 despite its certain possibility; however, the main hypothesis most researchers and scholars in the enigmatic study strongly support connects back to the enigma, the First Prince and the apparent sentience of Hyrum Light itself.


Though still mostly unidentified (and others already stated) even with the help of some of the first-generation elders of the petrified, Hyrum Light is speculated to be unnaturally semi-sentient—that is, it follows its own set of rules that cannot be altered or meddled with except by the First Prince—its only maker through the First Brilliance. Hyrum Light does not form its rules on existing laws of universes, especially in the Backrooms, it creates them by itself almost independently. It evolves and scatters in all forms of light, and it may be that Hyrum Light was made to evolve on what is necessary to scatter the First Brilliance in all the parts of realms both known and unknown. Out of all possibilities, it chose a lantern as its incarnation in the Backrooms and therefore, still spreads its influence (even if ineffectively) to all instances of lanterns within it. Why a lantern was chosen of all objects is still unknown, but this proves the credence of the specified vagueness of Hyrum Light.


Compiled below is a catalog of recorded files, data, and information compiled by the Major Exploration Group's Veracity Searchers, who were given approval for the object's study and analysis by the Overseer Council on June 19th, 2021 as a result of a formal request from Tristan Petrovic.


Object 216 - "Hyrum Lanterns"

Experiment Log #1
Date: 06/24/2021
Experiment Lead: Catelyn Rodriguez


As of current, it is believed that the activation period of Object 216 "Hyrum Lanterns" (including I.M.E.) is set at complete random. This test aims to find the true reason for its activation and its logic, as well as to attempt to set the activation period to a more solid, reliable timeframe to ensure wanderers' safety through provided means—e.g., faith, belief, and reason.

To aid with the following experiments, historians have unraveled scriptures and documents from the Lost Era6 which contain the first tales of Hyrum Light—Hyrum Lanterns by direct extension—where mentions of strong faith were what linked one to the lantern. Using these scripts, several random participants were exposed to instances of Hyrum Lanterns in two different situations.

Object 216 - "Hyrum Lanterns"

Experiment Log #2
Date: 6/30/2021
Experiment Lead: Tristan Petrovic


On the 22nd of June, 2021, at 8:03 PM, the first recorded I.M.E. event took place in Level 9 after the current Veracity Searcher member Penelope Harveston discovered an Object 216 instance on the porch of a house on the level, who therein, activated the lantern under the threat of a Smiler. From her pure will to live, the lantern was set ablaze and a golden light scorched the entity. This marked the onset of the following live subject testings in regard to the object's properties, which have been given the proper approval by the Overseer Council.

Case Studies

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