Object 21 - "Wi-Fi"
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A Wi-Fi sign taped to a restaurant in Level 11.

Object Number: 21


Wi-Fi, which is short for wireless fidelity, is a wireless networking technology that allows electronic devices to connect to the Internet. It is unknown how it is obtainable or who is operating the network in The Backrooms, as all attempts to trace the physical location of any router or provider have proven negative. Wi-Fi appears to be stronger on some Levels, most of which have windows with an outside visible. The closer you stand to any window, the more powerful the Wi-Fi connection is. Normally, Wi-Fi networks can only be used to access an intranet, however, recent discoveries have reported that networks outside The Backrooms can be communicated with. This is still being analyzed.

Wi-Fi is somewhat strange in terms of router names, which all relate to their Level is some ways. On Level 0, the most notable Wi-Fi access point is named "K38Suh9FH98mBKR", in which the BKR is noted as an abbreviation of The Backrooms. There is typically no password on any of the Wi-Fi networks, and they all cut off at random. The less stable a Level is, the more likely the Wi-Fi may cut off at random.

Currently, The Backrooms has a multitude of platforms hosted on its network. The most notable one is listed below:

The M.E.G. Database:

The M.E.G. Database is widely acknowledged as the most reliable Database for accessing any data revolving around the Levels, Entities, and other anomalies of The Backrooms. It is accessible through any medium which can hold Wi-Fi and hold browsers, and gets updated frequently whenever any new data comes forth. Throughout The M.E.G. Database, there are numerous entries which have denied access, due to the data of these entries not being complete as of yet.


While the Wi-Fi in The Backrooms have been used before to mysteriously communicate with networks residing in the outside world, this is typically advised against. Since there is no current way to prove the existence of The Backrooms to the outside world, and escape back into The Frontrooms is currently impossible, attempts at communication are futile. Most use it to say goodbye to loved ones lacking a way to explain why they are gone forever.

Due to the way time flows in The Backrooms, it is possible to communicate with those from the past and present simultaneously (Though this does not cause any paradoxes for reasons unclear). This has led to the theory that if an escape from The Backrooms is ever found, the people trapped would likely return at the exact moment they no-clipped out of reality, as if nothing ever happened. However, this cannot be proven.

A generic goodbye message to send to loved ones in The Frontrooms is listed below, and can be used at your discretion.

Hello, (name). I apologize for my sudden disappearance.
If you are reading this, I am either dead, or am in a place in which I cannot return.
I love you and I will miss you dearly.


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