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+Tears of Achlys

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RECORD No: 159
COM TIME: 2016-08-03-2216
SUBJECTS: Alexander Stallard & Oleana White

[Subjects walk in from an un-implanted hallway.]1

O: …So what if it’s dangerous, Alex? This entire god-damn hell hole is a risk on its own. Plus, isn't your little group meant to keep the Hub safe anyways?

A: I know you’re not stupid enough to believe the press. We've covered up at least seven disappearances this week alone, we knew someone would catch on to where those 'mysterious deaths' were coming from eventually. Quite frankly, I don't want you in on that, since you're the only actual scientist we have right now. We need you to be safe, not in bits and pieces.

O: If you don't want me in on your business, keep Dendroga safe then. We're doing fine, despite the fact people just- I don't know, disappear every once in a while. Come to think of it, why are so many people disappearing under your protection? Aren't you guys supposed to protect us? Seven deaths was what we got in six months, not a whole week.

A: [Audible Sigh] Oleana, you know what I mean by disappearances.

O: Oh? Know what?

A: Wait, no, I wasn't- I shouldn't have told you-

O: [Interrupting] If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, yeah, I know. I'm not going to go around ratting you off, but…

A: But what?

O: You need to answer my question.

[The conversation falls silent for five seconds.]

A: Gah, fine. If it'll keep you quiet…

O: Alright then. Tell me this Alex; why are you working for these guys? The Unbound, I mean. You joined the army to defend freedom — or whatever it was the government said you'd do — and I know you're actually in it cause you believe in those values above all else. In a way, my question is; why here? Why this group? These people? They're not exactly… you know…

[The conversation falls silent once more, this time for ten seconds.]

A: I… figured this was coming. Look, I- I wanted to help, my wish to help people hasn't diminished in the slightest. I just didn't think the people over at the M.E.G. were doing a good job. Y'know, like- what Diana believed. She was right- is right. The M.E.G. just… they want to help people. Or, at least I think they do — but that's besides the point. Their issue is that they don't know *what* to do, not at all. This place isn't much better to be honest, but they have the impetus. They want to actually help, to help us survive above everything else. I can also help make them better, hell, I'm the General now, with a capital 'G'! I'm second in command, so if I someone was to help people, I've got the power to do it! I can actually do what I've always wanted to do!

[The rooms falls silent once more, this time for seven seconds. Alex’s breaths are noticeably shallower.]

O: I… see. That’s really thoughtful of you Alex, I respect that.

A: Thanks Oleana, it means a lot to me.

O: Actually, I… I want to help, Alex.

A: Huh? You actually-

O: Yeah I- I think I may have an idea on how exactly I could help you. I don’t really need much, but if you can get me- actually, lemme get closer, I don’t want anyone overhearing this…

[The subjects speak in whispers that can’t be picked up by the microphone. This conversation lasts for one minute and thirty-six seconds.]

A: Are… Are you sure this would help more than-

O: [Interrupting] Yes, I do. You know me, don’t you? I wouldn’t suggest anything like that unless I really thought it would be more beneficial than it… [Subject’s voice trails off.]

A: I’ll… set something up for you, or try to, at least. It won’t- it’s not gonna be much, so you have to be careful. Please promise me you… won’t get hurt.

O: I won’t.

A: Thanks, Oleana. It… feels like a weight’s been lifted. I’m glad to have you by my side. I’m gonna- I need to go, or I’ll be late for Jesper’s meeting. I’ll see you later!

[Subject A leaves room.]


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