Object 19 - "Squirt Gun"
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The most common appearance of a Squirt Gun.

Squirt Guns are anomalous water guns that can be used as tools or weapons depending on the liquid they contain. The backpack tanks can be used to store liquids for easy transport.


Squirt Guns have the appearance of regular water guns and are attached to tanks with backpack straps. The tank can be filled with any liquid, and when filled with multiple different liquids they will not mix but instead separate into layers, depending on density; this is not recommended as they can't be easily separated afterwards. The Squirt Gun and its tank seem to be immune to the properties of the contained liquid.


A Squirt Gun can be used to fire any liquid. Each liquid has a different effect:

  • When filled with normal water, it will behave non-anomalously.
  • When filled with Almond Water, it can cause a moderate amount of damage to the various Entities that are weak to it, but if the Squirt Gun is pointed at a human it will not even fire, with one exception. The user can fire Almond Water into their own mouth for a quick refreshment. This can make Squirt Guns a good storage solution for large amounts of Almond Water.
  • Cashew Water seems to become temporarily more potent upon being fired out of a Squirt Gun. Due to being able to dispense the water at range, it can potentially be used to lure Entities away from you.
  • Smiler Fluid can be used against Smilers. Using it in a Squirt Gun can make the fluid safer and easier to use against Smilers.
  • Pyroil, the liquid form of Firesalt, is very useful as a weapon when used in a Squirt Gun. When fired, it will ignite on contact with the target. It will also not harden while inside the piping.
  • Liquid Pain can also be used. Other than its usual effects, the Squirt Gun and its tank will not corrode when filled with it, even after prolonged periods of time.
  • Memory Juice can technically be used, but it doesn't do anything special when fired from a Squirt Gun.
  • Liquid Silence should not be used as ammunition for a Squirt Gun, it's just a waste. However, the backpack tank can be used to safely store the liquid.


Squirt Guns are mainly found in levels resembling arcades, but can be found in other levels as well. The best places to find one are:

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