Object 18 - "Gas Masks"
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Gas masks are face coverings that can be worn to protect the user from harmful gases. The masks themselves are generally made out of rubber, with metal and clear plastic used for eyeholes. Gas masks are somewhat rare, but can be found across multiple levels. They can be found with filters already plugged in, or laying near them. Many different types could be found, with several of note being full vs half-faced masks, and models that take one vs two filters at a time. Most gas masks also have a speaking membrane built into them, which allows for clearer enunciating.


A single-filtered gas mask, supposedly from Level 66, the picture is taken by an anonymous user, at an unknown place


Gas masks can be found in several levels where other types of loot can be found, the most consistent sources being the bombed-out plane in Level 66 and the WWII pillbox in Level -5, or trading for them in the Traders Vault on Level 2. Other sources of Gas Masks are also there for people who find them, however, these are rare.

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