Object 18 - "The Phonograph"
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As I write another entry in this journal, I still cannot be bothered to write down the date. This should be expected of me by now, as it's been the case for the past dozen or so entries.

But I digress, I thought I may have finally entered a "safe zone", as some would say. Although being the idiot that I am, I think I might have made a little mistake. You see— this hotel very much seems ideal, but I think the bellhop has led me somewhere I shouldn't be. I can't put anyone else but me at fault for this, I should know better than trusting random strangers. I couldn't help it though, he did seem like a rather polite fellow…

But yes, I believe I was led to a wrong turn here, and yet I have still ended up in a well-decorated hotel room. I still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong here— as if my inevitable doom is upon me. So I am here right now, writing my thoughts down. Perhaps writing about something else might actually help with clearing my head a bit, though…


Put another record on, play that music all night long…!


The phonograph, or at the very least, what seems to be a phonograph, can be found in one of the many rooms within this hotel. It appears to be a newer model than those I am accustomed to but it is quite a beautiful thing, its condition appears to be pristine.

It doesn't seem to be playing any distinct tune… It's something that feels familiar, but I know for sure I've never heard such a melody in my life.

It's comforting, though.

So I come back to writing in my journal. Right. Well, I've noticed something a bit particular. I could very well add this to my document on the phonograph, but I'm unsure on whether the object is actually the cause of this or if I'm just going crazy.

It feels like I have been here for hours, and yet, the phonograph keeps on singing playing without any signs of stopping. A never-ending melody, almost. What if, however, no time has passed at all? What if… the lack of anything really… happening has just given me the impression that more time has passed?

I'll think on it. Then maybe I can add onto the document a bit more.

The phonograph, or at the very least, what seems to be a phonograph, wait… No. I've done this bit before.

The music played by this phonograph seems to either be really long, or possibly even endless. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, as this place can lead to all sorts of things that we usually assume to be impossible. I'm still figuring things out…

I feel like I have been here for hours.

I'm back, I'm back here again, in the journal. Something's definitely wrong. I've tried getting out but the door won't budge. It is locked It feels locked but there's nothing there. The door just won't open and what I'm left with is the eternal song of the phonograph. I can't even begin to think straight- the music's starting to drive me even madder than I was before. Have I been here for hours? Days? Years? Centuries? God, that's ridiculous, even for me Only a few minutes? I can't really even begin to tell anymore.

There's noises coming from the other side of the room. That's the only thing bringing me comfort now. Knowing that there's maybe some hope for me. Maybe someone out there will find me and come to my aid. For now, I'm trying to make as much noise as I can by banging on the door— just— anything to get me out of here.


The phonograph is an object that can be found within the Hotel. Wether it exists in numerous quantities— or simply changes location from time to time, is yet unknown. Unlike our native reality's own phonographs, this one is known for its odd, yet particular melodies. These melodies can have mixed effects on an individual, but usually leads to them meeting their untimely fate one way or another. Its origins beyond what has already been found about it are relatively unknown.

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