Object 17 - "Liquid Silence"
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A vial of Liquid Silence recently taken out of the freezer in order to be used in silent rubber. It is already beginning to solidify.


Liquid Silence is a black, viscous liquid comprised from the remains of Scream Eaters; ethereal and hostile creatures found only in Level 93. Large amounts of this liquid can induce spontaneous extreme fear in Entities and wanderers within a thirty meter radius. Liquid Silence is an incredibly unique substance due to its ability to absorb and store sound. Because of this, Liquid Silence is highly useful in a myriad of applications.


Each particle of Liquid Silence contains a pocket dimension that can hold an amount of sound relative to the amount of Liquid Silence. One liter of Liquid Silence has the capacity to contain up to 191 decibels, which roughly equates to the power of a hand grenade. Once a particle of Liquid Silence has reached maximum capacity, it will lose its sound absorbent properties completely. Applying an electrical current of 1 volt or more to Liquid Silence causes a spontaneous temporary collapse of its pocket dimension. All stored sound is released within a very short span of time measuring in microseconds. Removing the electrical current restores the pocket dimension instantly.

Crystal oscillators can cause a rapid pulsing electrical current that repeatedly collapses and restores the pocket dimension, allowing for a slow release of the stored sound since a small amount escapes each cycle.

Liquid Silence dries and becomes a black powdery material when its temperature rises above 0° Celsius. It bears a resemblance similar to charcoal powder, however it is grainier and tends to form in clumps. The powder form of Liquid Silence retains its sound absorbent properties.


The powdered form of Liquid Silence. Similar to charcoal powder, but much chunkier in nature.

A strange and seemingly random property of Liquid Silence is its ability to induce fear within entities and wanderers in close proximity - around twenty to thirty meters, with large amounts of the substance causing extreme hysteria if one finds themselves within a meter. Even small amounts of Liquid Silence produce a sense of uneasiness when near, however products created using Liquid Silence have minimal to no effect, presumably due to dilution and other unknown processes. It seems Phantoms utilise this fear mechanism in order to 'feed' on their victims.


Liquid Silence can be combined with metals and other materials during the creation process to create 'silent' versions. Silent rubber is often used to create shoe soles and gloves that create next to no sound when travelling around in situations such as walking through leaves or handling loud objects. These shoes and gloves are invaluable to the average wanderer and are traded at a high price.

Silent metals usually contain a black tint and are used in melee weaponry or utility tools. Silent iron crowbars are very useful, since the usual loud noises that occur when forcing open compartments and bludgeoning hostile entities are no longer created. Silent metal also has uses in firearms, where they can eliminate sound if built into the barrel and chassis of a weapon.

Liquid Silence is also a very powerful explosive weapon. Repurposed Smiler Canisters can be filled with Liquid Silence, up to 89 liters. At maximum sound capacity, 89 liters of Liquid Silence is equivalent to one ton of TNT. Stored within the Smiler Canister pocket dimension, this immense explosive power is quite portable and presents a serious danger.


Liquid Silence is an extremely hard to acquire substance. It can only be harvested from a destroyed Scream Eaters, which merely killing is a task in itself. Scream Eaters are also rare entities themselves, and a single Scream Eater contains only 40 - 50 liters of Liquid Silence. Coupled with its innate unique and useful properties, Liquid Silence is an expensive product that is almost never traded in its liquid form amongst minor groups or people. Only large groups or ones with far reaching influence can access pure Liquid Silence, and often create products utilising it, which are later traded to the general population across the Backrooms.

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