Object 14 - "Scarabacks"
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An image taken by an explorer, the object being found on a dead Lost member.

Scarabacks are small, mysterious sculptures of beetles made out of dark lapis.


Scarabacks are crude, dung beetle-shaped figurines carved on what superficially resembles lapis lazuli, but in a much darker shade of blue. They can be roughly between 5 to 15 centimeters in size. They are also painted over using white paint, either to draw details on the sculpture or rather written as a set of hieroglyphs on the base, usually reading a quick prayer to the Egyptian god Khepri1. These objects do not seem to have a definite origin, but are rather found on corpses of the Lost faction known as the Dynasty of the New Sun. It is to note that the usage of these talismans by an outsider is a grave offense to said faction.


Unlike regular scarab carvings2 , Scarabacks are able to animate themselves. If the prayer on the base is whispered to the object; the beetle will spread its wings, make a loud droning noise, and begin to emit blue light for up to a minute. A simple "thank you" in any language is enough to make the Scaraback revert back to its inanimate state for 2 hours, becoming unusable for the duration of said time. An Entity may also be able to turn this Object into its passive mode, although how exactly it is done is currently unknown.

While active, Scaraback light seems to be able to stun most Entities that prefer the dark; and may also be able to temporarily blind humans if the environment is gloomy enough. In addition, the droning noise appears to be irritating to many dangerous Entities, who will attempt to get away from the source of said noise.


Most travelers with these objects in their possession use their Scarabacks as an Entity repellant, as its light and noise are able to make even a Smiler recoil back. Its low duration and high recharge time however does not make it very effective if its owner is in a highly populated hostile Level.

It has also been reported that members of The Lost are able to use these beetles as a form of communication. Lacking modern cell phones, the Scarabacks allow the Lost to transmit information between each other –even between levels– by tapping their beetle in a manner similar to Morse code; with the receiver detecting droning matching the tapping. How two Scarabacks can be paired in such a way is currently unknown to those outside said faction.

It has also been rumored that certain odd-colored Scarabacks may also be used as makeshift Level Keys, but these rumors have not been proven.

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