Object 13 - "Office Terminals"
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The first confirmed example of Object 13


Object 13 is a computer terminal that can occasionally be found within Level 4. If the power button is pushed, the computer will turn on, and a chat session will begin, connected to all other Object 13 terminals. As of writing, no two people who have used an Object 13 terminal have been able to find each other within the Backrooms, so it is possible that the entire chat is a facade created by the computer. Whether real or not, talking within the chat can provide valuable information to help you survive, as long as whoever you're talking to isn't being unhelpful or trying to trick you.

Although the terminals can be fairly heavy, they can be brought with you by unplugging them and re-plugging them into other outlets. Shopping carts can be brought into Level 4 from Level 176; anything that makes it easier to carry a terminal around is good.

A number of people have managed to take a terminal out of Level 4 and into other levels, although this is only useful in places where there are outlets. The terminals still work and connect to the chat room even when in other levels.

Chat Functionality

The chat system behaves as a rudimentary text channel. When you first turn on the computer, you are asked to enter a username for yourself. This name will appear beside your messages in the chat, and it will be bound to you. Whenever you access a terminal, even a new terminal, you will have that name. So don't choose something dumb.

There is only a single chat room available, and there is no private messaging system. The chat usually has between five and fifteen people at once. There are chat "moderators" that exist to remove people who spam in the text chat. We're not sure what they are, but they definitely aren't human. The moderators seem to exist somewhere within the Backrooms outside the computers, but we aren't sure where or how. In the text chat, moderators have blue names. They only show up rarely.


Object 13 had been rumored to exist for some time, but it wasn't definitive until a user took the above photograph and screencapped the following chat log.

BenTen: So I'm in this closet, yeah? This closet I just found while wandering. It's real cozy. Like, there's a bunch of brooms here, real soft brooms. Gonna just lie here for awhile. On these brooms.

Edddddddddd: Sounds like a trap

kel: yeah thats a trap

BenTen: what's gonna happen? Any of you ever find a closet?

Edddddddddd: i did once. Wasn't a broom closet tho. It was an office supplies closet. I made out with a staple gun. Super handy for scaring off monsters.

kel: why the fuck did you make out with a stapler

Edddddddddd: What? No, I wasn't smooching the stapler. I just took it with me.

kel: oh so it was a normal office closet. I was thinkin it was a trap like BenTen's broom closet.

BenTen: Nah, this closet ain't a trap. It's getting cozier every minute I stay here.

kel: dude. it's clearly a trap

Edddddddddd: it's sucking you in

BenTen: wym

kevin: how are you even using a computer rn if youre in a closet

BenTen: there's an outlet in this closet dumbass

kevin: ohh

Edddddddddd: dude you gotta get out of that closet if you value your life. I've seen this before. You get comfier and comfier and then the closet comes to life or something and swallows you whole.

BenTen: fuck off. This closet is sweet af

kel: He's past the point of no return. nothing we can do to save him now

Edddddddddd: prob

There have been no other reports of any dangerous broom closets within Level 4. If you ever come across a closet with a weirdly large number of brooms inside, you should steer clear. Please report any findings so they can be documented.

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