Object 11 - "Memory Juice"
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A pure, high quality jar of Memory Juice. This amount of product could trade for 20 bottles of Almond Water from some traders.


Memory Juice is a drug that is often traded for at a high value in the Backrooms, typically in secrecy. It is made from boiling crushed Wormlings in water or Almond Water. It is consumed to reduce stress, and gives a calming sensation to the user. It is highly addictive, and dangerous if not produced properly.


Wormlings can be found in several locations across the Backrooms, but are most common in moist rotten areas. Be careful if you intend to collect them, several bites from a large number of them can induce total amnesia.

For one serving:

  • 1lb (16 oz) crushed Wormling, about 4-6 individual
  • 4 oz Water/Almond Water
  • Container for boiling
  • Fire
  • Sock (or other item of clothing)

1. (WEARING GLOVES) Crush the Wormlings until the venom pops out of their pharynx. Crush further until almost totally liquefied.

2. To your boiling-safe container, add the liquid and crushed Wormlings (roughly 1 part water/almond water to 3 parts crushed Wormling)

3. Heat over the fire until boiling, boil until it smells like tobacco. If you want a stronger product, boil for less time. Over boiling will reduce the effects and value.

4. Once cooled, pour the liquid into the sock, and squeeze it to strain out the juices from the chunks of Wormling. Discard the sock and chunks.

5. Bottle the Memory Juice


When properly boiled, Memory Juice induces a calming effect on the user, with side effects similar to marijuana or alcohol. This includes cloudy-headedness, calmness, acceptance of the current situation, stress relief, and lower heart-rate. However, this substance is extremely addictive. Typically after the first 1-2 uses, the effects of withdrawal will take place after a few days without using Memory Juice. Symptoms of withdrawal are general tiredness, stress, irritability, increased blood pressure, and fainting.

Most deaths that are caused by Memory Juice addiction result in more deadly doses of the drug, including boiling it for less and less time. Consuming raw Memory Juice will result in total removal of all memories, rendering the user only able to walk, breathe, and eat. They will become a Wretch within hours. Some users will resort to eating whole live Wormlings, resulting in the same results.

Construction of a rehabilitation center for those addicted to Memory Juice is being heavily considered by the B.N.T.G.

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