Object 1 - "Almond Water"
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A typical bottle of Almond Water. They come in many different bottles, this one was discovered in Level 5.

Almond Water is the main source of hydration and stability in the Backrooms.


Almond Water is a substance found in levels across the backrooms. It is a critical source of hydration, and slight nutritional value. It is a sweet almond/vanilla flavored water that can be found in bottles of several different types; Typically without a brand or label on them. Almond Water can be found in clear water bottles, metal water bottles, glass wine bottles, and even cartons. It can be traded for, traded with, and can be used to repel entities and to cure some ailments.

Identifying Almond Water:

The Backrooms can house several liquids, many of them are not safe to drink or even touch. If you are unsure if a liquid is safe to drink, don't drink it and wait until you come across Almond Water. Almond Water has a distinct, albeit faint, smell of vanilla and rose water. It has a subtle taste of sweet, watery almond butter. If it does not exhibit these qualities, and isn't clearly fresh water, avoid it.

On some levels, Almond Water can flow out of pipes or even fountains. However, this is rare. Make sure you properly identify any liquid before you consume it.

Other Uses of Almond Water:

For whatever reason, Almond Water can sometimes treat ailments, including neutralizing the effects of hostile entities. It also can help maintain one's health. Some examples of uses of Almond Water include helping with the symptoms of the "Disease", stopping someone from becoming a Wretch, and possibly saving someone affected by the Splat (Though this is unconfirmed). It can also be used to maintain your focus, especially when facing entities like the Watchers and possibly preventing an encounter with the Beast of Level 5. Lastly, Almond Water can be used to tame some entities, including the Deathmoths and Jerry.

Sources of Almond Water:

The best way to obtain Almond Water is on Level 4, where it is abundant. Here it can be found in water coolers, vending machines, and water fountains. Almond Water can also be found on numerous other levels, including Level 10, Level 28, Level 11, Level 18, and Level 29. It can also be obtained through trading, such as in Level 6.1. Otherwise, Almond Water can be found in many, many levels in the backrooms. The easiest way to tell if Almond Water is nearby, is if people are nearby.

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