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oh, hey, I see you found your way to here. guess you liked one of my articles or something. anyway.

my name's nukboi, but you might already know me as buknoi or catboi if you're in the discord server. so, uh, my interests include videogames (especially the shitty ones), horror (especially the shitty kind), writing and if I felt like lying I could say I still read and definitely dont feel bad about no longer doing it as much. oh i also make pixel art. i am italian (sorry about that) and i have instagram but im never going to tell you what my account is called because FUCK that.

by the way, i think bugs are really cool, especially beetles. like, look at this majestic sonuvabitch.


yeeeeeaaaaah, pretty cool, right?

anyway, now im mainly known for- actually, im not really known for anything lol. My top rated article so far is Entity 110 so uh yeah check that out if you want.
I'm currently working on a tale series about my GOI, the completionists, so check that out too, please. I'd give you a link but this cool monitor effect makes links non-clickable for some reason lol. also if youre wondering where I got the code, its from the scp wiki in aesthetic resources or something like that. thanks, scp wiki!

anyway, all of my stuff will be in the tab at the bottom of the page, so, if thats what you're looking for, stop reading and scroll away, I wont get offended

well, I suppose I could show you some random pixel art I made and link some songs that I like. not because I enjoy your company or anything, b-baka…

Music recommendations (i unironically listen to videogame OSTs, im sorry)

- anything from Library of Ruina, especially Keter Battle 3 and Gebura Battle 3

- literally anything from the Neo TWEWY soundtrack

- Id say anything from the Durarara soundtrack because its legit the best soundtrack ever made, but youtube is a bitch and removed a lot of the videos so yeah.

- Molchat Doma.

- this fucking guy makes the best mixes of all -wave music, go subscribe

Picksell art (by me)


no clue what this is, but I made it. people named it Hogan. im not sure why.



his name is Soul and hes from the tale series im writing. beautiful bastard.



such a cute and peaceful island, you could never tell it was directly inspired by a horror story.



a little prototype I made for an isometric version of Level 0. im quite proud of this.



books are cool. btw speaking of books you should check out Level 906 and Entity 140 by SnomWritingSnomWriting if you havent already.



books are cool but again. a little short story in image form, I guess?



isometric pixel art is torture, also I should have used waaaayyy less black lines.




i just really like making horror stuff I guess.



man i miss hammer man so much.



Kliff, my boved.

Fanart by other people


a Hogan fanart by BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH hes so good at what he does hrng



another fanart by BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH but this time it's Entity 106, which he defined "extremely friend shaped". I would call tgochi something more akin to "prick shaped" but to each their own I guess.



what can I say, I love the way BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH draws Kliff and Kevin.



smol bastard Kliff by SoyShamoySoyShamoy and i love he.



front facing Kliff by SoyShamoySoyShamoy. by all means, this should not be possible.



personified Kliff by SoyShamoySoyShamoy. not exactly how I imagined his hair, but hey, this looks amazing.



amazing fanart of Alyk from Midgame by just cavejust cave. its almost exactly how I envisioned them.



More Midgame fanart by just cavejust cave, but this time it's Ginger or, in his words, "the wife".



Even MORE Midgame fanart by just cavejust cave, love how he did Alyk's hair <3.



jaw drops to floor, eyes pop out of sockets accompanied by trumpets, heart beats out of chest, awooga awooga sound effect, pulls chain on train whistle that has appeared next to head as steam blows out, slams fists on table, rattling any plates, bowls or silverware, whistles loudly, fireworks shoot from top of head, pants loudly as tongue hangs out of mouth, wipes comically large bead of sweat from forehead, clears throat, straightens tie, combs hair Ahem, she looks very lovely. (Ginger art by lemmelemme)



Soul doodle by just cavejust cave :)



An unexpected piece of Kliffposting by BUBBLINGBEACHBUBBLINGBEACH. From the left to the right it's Kris, Kass, Shadified Soul (which I absolutely love), Kliff, Kevin and Klay.

My stuff on the wiki

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