Nostalgi Gaius

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Nostalgi Gaius as it appears currently.

Habitat: Level 404


Nostalgi Gaius is an amalgam of former Senior M.E.G. Archivist A. River and the spectral remnants of a deific being. It appears as an incorporeal humanoid female resembling a statue in the style of Roman sculpture, and resides in a deep, normally inaccessible segment of Level 404. Nostalgi Gaius often "glitches" visually, appearing to lose geometric integrity at random.

When in the presence of Nostalgi Gaius, wanderers experience a sensation of overwhelming melancholy and grief with no apparent source, often becoming disoriented and weeping. This causes the entity apparent distress, and is believed to be involuntary.

By its own request, Nostalgi Gaius should not be approached or interacted with.


Nostalgi Gaius actively warns others away from its presence, and spends the majority of time in a curled position, singing to itself. However, in rare circumstances, it has been observed to rescue wanderers from danger on other Levels, before disappearing as quickly as it manifests.

It is sapient and communicative; its communications have not been documented out of respect.


See attached Overseer’s note.

Safety Precautions:

  • Avoid Level 404 if at all possible.
  • Speak with fellow Wanderers to stave off isolation. There is no shame in needing support.
  • Honor the dead, and fight for the living.


Nostalgi Gaius is a dear friend of mine who became the ghost of a god. Ze did it because ze loves us, and because ze wanted to shoulder the burden of a god’s mad sorrow alone.

Since hir disappearance, several formerly hostile levels have become borderline habitable. By contrast, Level 404 is more hostile than it's ever been to the psyche. I think they know what they're doing; I think ze's working to protect us even in death, in hir fusion with some grand, venomous being that none of us can comprehend.

I can't allow myself to mourn too deeply, because it isn’t what ze would have wanted. For River, we must look forward.

- Overseer-B, with love

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