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  • Expanding Itself

About me:


This was a commission made by personal friend of mine Star Saphire1!! They're too Awesome.

No? Well, you're in the blissful domain of me, your bi 18y oldnhost for the most, noah rabenoah rabe. Although, on Discord, I go by Monster-9530.2

I'm a resident TS man with ADHD, while I'm calm in public, make no mistake that I'm tired, yet energetic at home.

As far as authors go, I sometimes consider myself fairly ambitious. I wish to create hopefully really fun and interesting articles for you to enjoy. I want to create a story for now, including a character I've already introduced. Although I might be counting my chickens before they hatch.


  • Writing
  • Backrooms
  • SCP
  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Monster Hunter game series
  • Ferrets, Birbs, and Sharks
  • Dark Souls game series
  • Pokemon
  • Sleeping
  • Being Warm
  • Chess
  • Coding3
  • Graphic design
  • Moba's4
  • 90's styled- VHS horror games
  • Analog Horror5
  • Procrastinating
  • Marvel


  • Tests
  • Working with Java
  • The Deep Ocean
  • Most species of dolphins
  • Spelling out scientific names


Current Skillset:

  • Absolutely nothing
  • I like to think I'm good at coming up w/ complete characters w/ complex personalities before actually developing them. I think it's always good to focus on the personality traits of a character and how to change them.6
  • Not that I'm good at it really, but I've been doing choir since I was about 8. I like to tell myself I've gotten better though.
  • I like to strategize, this usually comes in the form of games, but even when not playing games- I like to work on projects that require that schuff.
  • Currently, I like to consider myself an ideas man. Not a very useful skill to me for the most part but I'm able to come up w/ some pretty unique stuff when I need to.

My Articles7:

Entity 326: "Cuddlemares" +26

  • A weird entity that can possess toys- pretty interesting. This entity adapts depending on the toy it takes during its metamorphosis process.

Level 182: "Aromatherapy" +46

  • A large greenhouse with an infinite outdoor area- no monsters- although, that doesn't mean there isn't any danger.

Entity 92: "Ferren" +40

  • Ferren the Ferret is a B.N.T.G. pet that is able to no-clip to any level from one level. For all most know, he could even no-clip into the frontrooms (although this is for the most part unknown.)

Level 282: "The Mariner" +22

  • Read either a logbook story explaining the depths of the submarine cave and the mysteries within or a collapsible with a typical M.E.G. article defiling the mysteries in the deep blue.

Level 401: "Choices" +15

  • The power of choice is the most valuable thing a person can have. But what happens when those choices are turned against you?

Level 402: "Plastic City" +28

  • A city of plastic that's eerily abandoned, or was it? In Classicon, explore the depths of the city, find statues, explore the Belltower and find out what's really going on in this seemingly safe level.

Level 326: "Seared Frontier" +30

  • An eerily destroyed room taking place in the Decay canon. Your mission is simple, find out what happened.

Future Works:

This section right here is a sneak peek description of my possible future articles.

Object 33: "Marketable Plushies"

  • What's cuter than a marketable plushie! Absolutely nothing! TLDR; this is more lore for the B.N.T.G. for ya, we got everyone's favorite ferret, Ferren, as well as a slew of other entity plushies coming your way!

| Entity 500: "Parisitic Basilisks"

  • Entity 500 is a serpentine parasite entity that sucks your bone marrow away and leaves you lookin like a sack of glob. They also grow really big but require more energy so they have to feed more.

(Collab with DivineAtlasDivineAtlas), (Author page: DivineAtlas,) Enigmatic Level: The Aether

  • A plane of non-existence, you no longer exist, the memories others have made of you will dissipate soon but you're reward is far greater than anything you could ever obtain.

| Tale: Extra Extra!

  • A new tale regarding an upcoming group, the Daily Rooms.

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