Level ES-41
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Class 3

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A photo of a building on Level ES-41.

Level ES-41 is the 42nd ES-Level of The Backrooms.


Level ES-41 is a desolate grassland that extends for thousands and thousands of kilometers. This is the safest part of the level since no entities can be found in this place. This level does not seem to have an apparent end, so it is not known if there is anything beyond the grassland. In this level, there are small paths that commonly lead to dead ends — however; sometimes they can also lead to new places. As you advance through this level, a fog will appear which will intensify the further you go through.

This part of the level doesn’t have many resources, so it is likely that one will die of hunger or thirst if they remain in this area for too long. This part of the level has only one place where food can be found, “The Buildings.” These buildings have a rustic touch in common and are divided into zones, which are:

The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone covers the first floor of the building. This area is mostly composed of yellowish brick walls, a wooden floor with ceramic tiles on top, and some lanterns placed on the walls in a specific pattern. This area is the most habitable section of the building. This is due to the low number of entities that are here, those being Windows and Hounds. Many objects that are mostly useless exist here. This area of the building has many corridors that lead to nothing and stairs that often end in walls or windows, so it is difficult to advance in this area. As you go deeper into the buildings, you can find wooden doors that lead to new areas.

The Ruins

Unlike The Dead Zone, this area is full of entities and covers the top floors of the buildings. This area is composed of cracked walls, wooden floors that sometimes don’t have tiles as support, and stairs that break easily. In this area of the level, as already mentioned there are multiple entities, those that could be sighted are: Hounds, Dullers, Smilers, Deathmoths, Death Rats, etc.
Not much can be documented from this area, as many people do not survive this place. Unlike The Dead Zone, this place has little illumination so the entities can be more dangerous than they already are.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

The Collectors Of Level ES-41

This group is very hostile and small, with only 19 members. They are characterized by collecting the objects they find, both inside and outside the buildings, no matter how useless they may be. They are not very prone to accept trades and the only trades they accept are the berries found deep in the plains.

The Kingdom Of Ruins

This is a group which only dwells inside a specific decorated building. This group does not have many members, as it is very difficult to run into them. This group is friendly and will not hesitate to give you some supplies or accept you into the group. This group is characterized by making all areas of their building habitable. To do this, they repair the walls, the stairs, and neutralize the entities.

Entrances And Exits


It is possible to access Level ES-41 by no-clipping on Level ES-40.


It is possible to exit this level either through a metal door in one of the buildings in The Ruins or through a large well in the pastures of Level ES-41. Taking any of these exits will bring you to Level ES-42 or Level ES-43.

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