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Written by Nikuchan Nikuchan

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After thousands of years and articles, I've finally decided to make my own author page.


I'm Niku, some call me Nikki. I am a Pantheon canon lover and an artist, I also draw sometimes, though my art isn't the best.

I love making lore and characters. The people on the Pantheon discord have to endure my constant rambling and lore making in the general chat everyday, lol. My brain will explode any day by how much stuff I'm storing in it.

There will be more stuff, mwhahaha. I'll reach 50 pages.

The theme I chose for this page is chocolate cuz I like chocolate. It's tasty.


I have no idea what else to put here. Sob.

P.S- Ping me if you want me to help you make your lore. Especially if it's for a Pantheon character :3.

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