New Century Gallery

Directions says you go there, into that corner between the buildings(?1


Welcome to New Century Gallery, full of only the most state of the art pieces to rival the man Da Viki himself.

But unlike other art galleries where there’s a diversity of content, in New Century Gallery there’s only shit from Centurys Lute.

Idk — how about this: you pay me 10k dollars and I’ll hang up your painting as a honorary exhibit in my gallery 😏


look at my art. Pretty cool right?

Oh wait this is literally the start of the page. Y’know, while we’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and rate this as well:

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No worry, when you’re brushing your teeth tonight I will unlock your phone and check.

Now that’s out of the way, you can look and enjoy high-quality art.

Yes, there are art in the collapsible. You trust Lute.

We’re building a buddy system here, okay?

No rickrolls.

I promise.

Our Fine Exhibitions

Faux murals (aka Pantheon Canon art drawn in-universe by my Muralist character).

Featuring: Olivia Bellerose, petals, limbo

Featuring: Philia, window, roses

Featuring: Xal'Kyrai, abyss, black hole

Free promo (aka I draw your kool ocs for free).

Featuring: Gamemaster, balloons, eye strain

Featuring: Nostalgi Gaius, colors

Self promo (aka I draw my own kool ocs).

Featuring: Muralist, concept art

Featuring: Lute, monochrome

Just for fun (silly stuff).

Featuring: Keymaster, Catmaster

Featuring: Keymaster, Blanche, buns

Guy who paid me 10k to hang up his dumbass painting:

That’s it for now. Check out my Tumblr for more Backrooms art.


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