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Heya! I'm Necro, or K. I'm a dumb little teenager that somehow ended up not only being an author for this wiki, but a staff member too (tech team and licensing team).

I like frogs, oceans, Hollow Knight, Rain World, Outer Wilds, and probably a few other things too. There's a lot of things to like, it's difficult to keep track of them all! Another thing I like is writing—that's probably why you're on this page. Go read my stuff. Now. This is an order.

Also here's my sandbox if you wanna see unfinished crap.


Level 202 - Halls of Chalk | +38 | 3 Comments

This was my first level, and it's not all that interesting. I was bored in class one day, staring at a big blank chalkboard, and it kind of just sparked in my mind. Probably gonna rewrite it soon.


Entity 118 - Writing a format screw is a great excuse to not think of a name | +35 | 9 Comments

Spookycon, Spookycon, Spookycon. This was pretty fun to write, and I developed much of the story as I went. Got third place, pretty interesting as it was my second article ever, and I'm still rather pleased with it.

Joke Entity 418 - Of Coffee and Criminals | +40 | 17 Comments

I was browsing around random Wikipedia articles as one does, ending up in a rabbit hole of computer development. Upon stumbling into 418 HTTP errors, I immediately felt like it would make a great joke article, and the rest evolved on its own. Very proud of this one.
A heavy word of warning, I dislike both coffee and tea.


Poolrooms theme | +29 | 5 Comments

This is a theme intended for things relating to the Poolrooms canon. I'm actually pretty proud of it, quite happy with the results.

Liminal Greyspace theme | +24 | 25 Comments

It's supposed to be sort of a calm dark mode to the normal Liminal theme, but honestly I'm not really a fan of it any more. Do with it what you will, I suppose.

Oh also the dumb fucking hat icon is mine, CC0.

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