As you can tell, I like logoblocks.

A little bit about me

Heyo! I'm Navy the Protogen, or as someone in Tech Support called me, Navithaniel, which makes for a very good Dark Souls boss name.

I've been writing on this site for… let's see… since the beginning of November, basically. I got accepted onto the site on Halloween, so that's pretty cool. I've made a total of 20 pages, which is a good bit. I'm pretty well received amongst the user base, and my main goal is to have fun and hopefully become a big name like SnomWritingSnomWriting or StretchsterzStretchsterz. They're pretty cool people, you should check out their author pages. Nope, goal scrapped. Only thing I want to do right now is expand some lore on my characters.

On another note, I'm a moderate War Thunder player (but i'm shit at it), No Man's Sky explorer, speed writer, terrible artist, and attempting to become a voice actor for some projects in the making. I also really like techy stuff, which is why I'm stuffing in a bunch of computer programming classes for my senior year of high school and learning CSS stuff from CutTheBirchCutTheBirch virself.

I also survived the Tofupocalypse of 2022, so I guess that's something.

Oh, would ya look at that. Five minutes have passed and I've written two full on paragraphs. Fingers must love pressing these cramped little keys on this crappy school laptop.

If you have any questions as a Wikidot user, PM me, as I don't mind them at all. If you're a Discord user, I heavily moderate my DM's, so do not DM me. Ping me in the server if you ever need my assistance.

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Personal Favorite: Level 197

Level 197 - Crystal Caverns | Greenlit (+71)
My first ever work on the site, and one of my best ones. I've always loved geodes, crystals, and just minerals in general. I have bags upon bags of random rocks and crystals like quartz, amethyst, and jades, so I've always had this fascination with them. Maybe I just like them a lot, haha.

Level 197 Supplementary Document | Uploaded (+15)
This is a little extension to my first work, Level 197. It's completely collaborative, so as long as you make something good you can upload it to the page. Run it past me first!

Level 114 collab with MyrandFox | In Writing Stage

The Fluffyrooms | In Conceptual Stage

Enigmatic Level - The Serpent's Void | Uploaded (+44)
This is one of my longest entries, and I love it for how I made it. The whole idea came from a dream I had (wild dream btw) that somehow I transformed into this amazing piece. Thanks a lot to StretchsterzStretchsterz for collabing with me on this project, because without his help a lot of the aesthetics wouldn't be there!

Level 515 - Saturn V | Greenlit (+25)
I have always loved rockets. The immense force it takes just to launch one is astounding, and the Saturn V is still the largest rocket to date with the most pressure needed to lift it. To me it's just fascinating, and let's admit, rockets are just cool.


Personal Favorite: Entity 297

Neophyxen collab with MyrandFox | In Writing Stage

Entity 297 - The Dark Sovereign | Greenlit (+29)
The Dark Sovereign is probably one of my best projects ever. The entire storyline I have planned for him is just… so much of me put into a story that it means so much to me. The whole crystal setting is more important to my soul than anyone can know, because if you know me you can see what I put of me in there.

Sorry for my rambling, he just means a lot, haha. He's also been a childhood friend of mine, isn't that right?

Correct. I have been with you for years at this point. Maybe even a decade. I lose track of time.

Me and you both, buddy.

Entity 415 - Howlers | Greenlit (+23)
Howlers are another good work. Since the Repository is meant to be a very in-depth research organization, I had to make it interesting, so bam. We have Howlers. I also took a lot of inspiration from Bolters from Dying Light, because that game series is just out of this world I love it so much.

Entity 227 - Model Fighter Squadron | Greenlit (+13)
Planes are, once again, something that I love. Just being able to fly is amazing, and putting guns on them is even cooler! Those of you who watch me play War Thunder though know I'm shit at flying planes. I'm not good at everything in that POS game! XD

Entity 194 - The Crystal Sisters | Uploaded (+25)
This is probably the article that means the most to me right now. The Crystal Sisters are just all of me split into three people. I love people, and I love interacting with them just like Vivian does. I'm also very conflicted inside and feel like I'm sick, as Ita is. And everyone knows of my rage, just how Kilian roars.

Truly an important trio.

Entity ### - Axolotl | In Writing Stage Completely scrapped


No personal favorite

Chemlights | Idea Currently Scrapped

Light Discs | Idea Currently Scrapped

Dark Reparation Vials | Uploaded (+22)
A new addition to the Dark Collective, the Dark Reparation Vials are either helpful or devastating to the one ingesting it.


Personal Favorite: The Sun Vanished

The Sun Vanished | Uploaded (+63)
Probably my most well done tale yet. I've succeeded in making people feel genuine emotion through my work, and I've always wanted to make that connection.

An Encounter Longing | Uploaded (+20)
An Encounter Longing is my first tale on the site, and one that probably could use some refinement. Kazuo was a character from an old Backrooms RP with a friend group long past gone, and the Sovereign and Kazuo got friendly. He even gifted him the same katana. They're good friends :D

Whispers from the Dark | Uploaded (+12)
Whispers from the Dark is more of a personal tale. It's how those sides of me mentioned before would really work in the Backrooms, outside of the vessel they're contained in. I think I captured them well. Ita is still my favorite as of now. Just so relatable sometimes.

The History of the Order | Uploaded (+31)
Dystopias are very interesting to me. While in reality they're terrible, end-of-the-world civilizations, the idea in itself is still neat. This is also my first ever contest entry, so I decided to take a concept I like and write up an article in about four hours. I'm still unsure about how Entro_PEntro_P is so astounded that I can do that, but hey my fingers type fast, okay? XD

The Dark Collective - A Hub for the void | In Writing Stage

An Interesting Meeting | Uploaded (+8)
About time for Viktor to get an addition to his story. Thought the interaction was pretty fun thanks to the help of Spectre48Spectre48

Crystal Conflict | In Writing Stage


Personal Favorite: HTBSNE

Blackout | In Conceptual Stage

How the Backrooms Should've (Never) Ended | In Writing Stage

Persons of Interest

Personal Favorite: V. Valentin

V. Valentin of the Eternal Repository | Uploaded (+19)
Valentin is heavily inspired by V. The mask, the anonymity, the thrive for equality. It's all there, honestly. V for Vendetta is one of, if not my favorite movie, and if you haven't watched it you're committing a crime. It's on Netflix and is about 2 hours long, go watch it. Now. >:D

The Ghost Killer, Inquisitor of Truth | Uploaded (+25)
Another dream of mine going rampant, it seems. The Ghost Killer was someone who I like to believe is just… me in a world of no rules. Where anger takes over and it's the Wild West. That's my take, though. Who knows what that dream was trying to tell me xD

The Warren Jester | Uploaded (+11)
Gone like a leaf in the wind.


Personal Favorite: The Eternal Repository

The Eternal Repository | Uploaded (+27)
Honestly, to sum this up from my fingers getting tired, think of the last scene from V for Vendetta. Yeah, Natedagreat563Natedagreat563 knows what I'm takin about.

The M.E.G. Hub Rewrite | In Writing Stage

The M.E.G. Future Generation | In Writing Stage


The Eternal Repository Theme | Greenlit (+15)
Probably one of the only themes I'll make, but everyone likes the banner, so that's good.

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