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Yes it is!
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Ok time for author page.


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Yes I do, and it’s right here! :0

Anyways, hi my name is NateDaGreat563, Nate, Nathan, JUST NOT NATHANIEL. THAT IS NOT MY NAME. IF YOU CALL ME THAT I WILL STEAL YOUR ORGANS. I’m a Moderator of the wiki, and produce daily Backrooms content on my TikTok :D. I also write and critique occasionally.

Anyways, welcome to my page how are you?

I’ve written a few things. Here’s a list of what I’ve written and some commentary :D

Most Recently Written: The Metro @ +23 (+25, -2), on 28 Dec 2021 20:34


Levels I have written! Definetely read 5.1!

Level 3 ~ “Electrical Station”

The machinery of Level 3 is quite possibly the most dangerous aspect of it. The machines found throughout it operate anomalously and without need for outside intervention, but this autonomously results in it acting unpredictably, and makes it so that maintenance be needed on it, even though it’s unsafe to do so. Because of the latter property, the machines have been known to spontaneously explode of combust, which results in several injuries being dealt to wanderers who are unfortunate enough to be in the presence of a malfunctioning machine. Despite this information however, one is to note that the machinery can be easily avoided if one does not act rashly, and instead scouts out a safe path to travel when traversing the level.

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level 5.1 ~ "Terror hotel casino"

Featured Article from September 2021

Enjoy your stay, everyone!

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level 129 ~ "The White Forest"

A forest of trees as black as night, with ground and air as cold as ice.

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Enigmatic Level~ "TH3 SH4DY GR3Y L3V3LS"

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Enigmatic Level ~ “The Metro”

Originally assumed to be an object, it was discovered on Level 7 during an unrelated exploration mission. After other sightings, the metro was confirmed to be sentient, which lead it to be classified as an entity. This was once again changed to its current classification of an enigmatic level after a wanderer who will remain anonymous reported traveling to an undiscovered level at the time, which turned out to be the level that took the title of “The Metro”.

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Backroom stories. I'm probably the best at these, tbh.

A Tale I Wrote ~ "Wake Up and smell the Pain"

Wake up and smell the pain my friend. That’s what they keep telling me to do at least.

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The Broken City: Part 1 ~ "City Boy"

They walked down the streets of the endless city, greeting wanderers and Facelings who walked by them as they made their way towards Base Beta. Base Beta was one of the largest skyscrapers within the general area, claimed by the M.E.G. as one of their most important bases. Certain floors were restricted to common folk, being only available to members with sufficient clearance. Soon enough, their journey was over, and they made it to the towering skyscraper. As they entered the building, they were greeted by a receptionist, who was also wearing the same black polo shirt as Max.

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The Broken City: Part 2 ~ "Macy"

Featured Article from August 2021

"Congratulations then, you've made it outside of reality itself. I'm Jerry, or as some refer to me, Entity 7. Although, I do prefer the former, so I'd rather you not refer to me as Entity 7." Jerry replied, bowing its little body as it spoke. Macy blinked a few times in confusion.

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GoiCon Tale ~ "Archived Journals of Lucy Fox"

First place contest entry

Always remember….
To Mask is to Reveal

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SpookyCon2021 Entry ~ "Blanche’s Halloween Party"

Second place contest entry
Featured Article from November 2021

“Well, I’m expecting hundreds of guests. Of course I went all out! What kind party hostess would I be if I didn’t take the time to decorate?” Blanche chuckled. Tom look a final look around the Archive to admire Blanche’s decorations. Tables full of Halloween themed games, food, and things such as plastic spiders and skeleton heads all hung up around the shelves. Some of the lightbulbs in the chandeliers were replaced with orange lightbulbs, and large speakers were almost everywhere around the place. Tom grinned, extremely optimistic about how the party would go.

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Creatures of the Backrooms ooo

Entity 195 ~ "Endless/Nameless"

I am Alpha and Omega

The beginning and the end

Rhythmic dance of constant changes

Time you wish you could have spent

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Various items and Knick knacks of the backrooms I’ve thought of

Object 56 ~ "The Ultimate Backrooms Cookbook"

Article for the 2021 Holiday Gift Exchange

The book is estimated to have been copied and distributed about 450,000 times across all levels of the Backrooms. All of the recipes, even ones that seem dangerous, such as the Spicy Egg Fried Ramen or Uncle Aussie’s Bayou Surprise, have been proven to be entirely safe as long as they are prepared properly. Not only are they safe, but the recipes have received extremely popular reviews from food critics and wanderers alike. All of the recipes in the book have become incredibly popular and famous in societies such as Level 11 and Level 162.

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Persons of Interest

People in the Backrooms that I did

Person of Interest ~ "Eden G."

Featured Article from June 2021

You allowed hir to step too close to a god… and now ze is paying the consequences for your actions.

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Prolly won’t do these too often but hey there’s the SD class guide which is pretty swag if I do say so myself

Guide ~ "Survival Difficulty Class System Guide"

As such, the M.E.G. has decided that attempting to increase the time spent reading articles is futile, and instead, making the best of the average time spent would be more beneficial to its cause. With all this said, the M.E.G. would like to introduce its latest addition to the archival database, the Survival Difficulty Class system.

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Few more things I forgot to add:

My discord is NateDaGreat563#4885 feel free to add me. I also have a discord server in my Tiktok bio.

Also if you’re on the tech support server feel free to ask me for crit. I can’t green light (yet) but I can and will give you a 12 part crit on your article lol. So feel free to drop me a ping in sandbox critique.

Also I stole borrowed the theme code from TrailmixNCocoaTrailmixNCocoa and her masked maiden theme and fooled around with it until I got this. I know literally nothing about themes so I just used that as a guide and went from there.

Anyways go upvote. I may add more to this later. Thanks for reading my trash. Go follow me on Tiktok. Peace out.

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