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Today at 8:52 PM
Welcome to my author page! If you want to check my entries, check the messages below.
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I have not written that many things yet, but I have a lot of plans for the future!

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Today at 8:52 PM


LEVEL 901 | +13

The Industrial Powerhouse has always been an article I am proud of. It is exactly what I had in my head and I managed to replicate it perfectly.
There are still two more revisions to go, since as you may have noticed, there are notices on a future "update" to the page by the M.E.G.

LEVEL 109 | +7

I don't really have much to say about this, it was a fun rewrite and I am happy I could work so much on a small concept. It's nothing too special, but I'm happy with it.

LEVEL 3.1 | +16

Level 3 but like, a space complex. :flushed:

LEVEL 42 | +17

Part of "The Great Filter" canon of Project Alpha, where The Frontrooms does not know about the Backrooms because at one point everyone in the Backrooms will perish, only to be replaced by new wanderers.


THE MOON | +12

The Moon is one of the few introductory tales to Project Alpha, it's the story of a new sentient entity and its involvement with Overseer-Omega, of the Overwatch.

Lets Count Together | +4

1… 2… 3…, a serial killer would then be forged.

Today at 8:52 PM
Today at 8:52 PM


Heyo. I'm Myrand, a content creator, developer and writer for The Backrooms. I love drawing, writing, coding and playing videogames, specially VRChat!
I'm a very friendly person, very caring and very active! So feel free to message me if you want to chat.

I have a lot of fun writing for The Backrooms and it has become part of my daily life! If that does not sound weird, I guess. x3
I'm a furry, yes, and I love foxes. If you could not tell already.

Anyways, I'm probably always doing something, i.e., I'm always busy. But it's always doing the things I like, so there's nothing to worry about :3

Oh! I'm also a staff member!

Check out my Personal Sandbox too!

If necessary, contact me on Discord: MyrandFox#9160.

Have fun in The Backrooms, fellow wanderer!


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