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My Intrinsic Inability to Finish Shit is a rare phenomenon that is only known to affect one wanderer to date—me. Those affected will, when heavily focused on a task, feel a sudden and untenable urge to do literally anything else. According to the unfortunate souls inflicted by this, it is impossible to complete a task—the mind-altering capabilities of the phenomenon are too strong to fight back against. Victims have attempted to exercise their free will to break free from this debilitating event’s endless grasp to no avail.

As odd as it would seem, my intrinsic inability to finish shit manifests most when writing. One begins with a fresh idea in mind—a revolutionary draft that is certain to attract lots of attention. It always starts this way. However, over time, my intrinsic inability to finish shit will start steering the wheel—victims will anomalously lose any recollection of their ideas, walking away from half-assed articles that will never see the light of day. If one is bold enough, it is certainly possible to still forward the draft to the critique phase, allowing esteemed General Public Database (G.P.D.) documenters to look over your stinking pile of shit. As unconventional as it might seem, this strategy provides two benefits:

  1. 1. You get free direction of ideas—that is, if you can't remember what the hell that level looked like, you can have critics fill in the details for you. In some cases, the individual might just ask, "What the fuck is this?" Just ignore those people. You want the people who say things like, "I think you'd make more of a lasting impact if you described that one specific wall in this one specific location more elaborately." This should give you the drive to continue writing.
  1. 2. If you're really lucky, your critic might just write your draft for you. Just copy and paste their little additions, and you're good to go. That way, you've bested this phenomenon by having someone completely unaffected by it do your tasks for you.

When the page really starts running out of ideas, that's a common consequence of my intrinsic inability to finish shit. In no time, the groundbreaking draft will be abandoned, left to rot in writing repository hell. If you find yourself going more than 5 minutes without writing a single sentence, give the fuck up. It's no use. The brain has been corrupted by my intrinsic inability to finish shit, and there's nothing that can be done. Now, for what it's worth, there's probably some way to fight back. I'd suggest doing…

"I'll finish the author section later" ~ Sky3Sky3

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