Men Of Letters Three
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A witness' attempt at recreating the MoLT logo. May or may not be accurate.


The MoLT (otherwise known as the Men of Letters Three) is a group that is estimated to have 20 - 300 armed personnel and an unknown amount of non-combat staff. They were noted to have operated a base at least once at Level 4 .


Until recently, there has been no solid evidence of their existence aside from the occasional odd phrases from the survivors such as, but not limited to;

  • Just call the █.█.█.;
  • Man, I really wished I knew the █.█.█. before I went here, and;
  • █.█.█. will handle this one;

which is usually followed by a pattern of confusion as the person who said it, as they would be unable to remember what █.█.█. is and neither "witness" nor the person/s they were talking to could remember what the three letters were. Audio recordings and other methods of indirectly observing a "witness" talking about it proved to be ineffective as listeners would still immediately forget what the recording was.

The thing that is universally accepted between these "witnesses" is the letters are neither "L", "M", nor "T"; and so the group was dubbed the "Men of Three Letters", but was later changed to "Men of Letters Three".


During a survey of Level 4 , small red stains were splattered all over the area, which was later identified as human blood. High caliber guns, high-grade military equipment, unused bullets, and other unknown items were scattered around the place. Oddly enough, the faint dried-up blood was the only indicator that a battle has occured in the area as there were no carcasses, no bullet marks, and no broken equipment could be found anywhere.

While Level 4 is known to be relatively empty, all of the surveyors agreed that something big was missing from the area, possibly a landmark. When they went to the area where the landmark's center was supposed to be, they only found an office chair with an envelope stuck underneath.

All of the members of the surveyor team that has completely read the letter immediately commited suicide, either by gunshot or by noclipping their vitals at an area within Level 4. One member was lucky enough to read only half of the letter and was able to remove the part that seemed to cause the effect. and three members along with the remains of the letter was retrieved.

First Letter Piece:

Salutations, Fellow Survivors,

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we are currently unable to contact the officials in charge of
communicating with you, and therefore the views and opinions in this letter may or may not express the views of our organization as a whole.

While the rest of humanity continues to dwell in the light, we shall stand firm against the tides of chaos and madness in it's unchanging path of destroying normalcy. We have successfully tamed the unknown countless times outside this limbo in the real world and, doing that once again in here will be a walk in the park.

In the face of these unnamable horrors, we raise our shield of caution and swing our sword of intellect against these monstrosities that-

Second Letter Piece:

-ruly adhere to our beliefs, we advise you to terminate yourself immediately, as your continued existence might as well drag the rest of mankind here with us. Failure to perform the action stated above will result in our forces utilizing less humane methods of your execution.

We are expecting your immediate cooperation.

With regards from the █.█.█. ███████████

Present-Day Reputation

The occasional slips of the unknown three letters stopped ever since the Level 4 incident and the group has since been known as the MoLT. There has been no new information tht could possibly be related to them, as such,it is believed that they aren't in the backrooms anymore. No one knows for sure where they disappeared off to, or even if they ever existed in the first place.

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