Meet The Staff
Wikidot Staff!

Everyone on this list are here to help keep the site running smoothly. Each of them have their own role or area of expertise where they are fit. Many are veterans, or at least have established themselves as quality site members. If you need to contact staff, tell us on our discord server, or else PM anyone on this list.

Note: You are expected to recognize these people when on the wiki. You don't have to memorize everything below, though when you see these people call orders, you are to listen.

Yes, some of the blurbs aren't that serious.


The following are administrators on the wiki.


Writing Team, Rewrite Team, Critique Team, and Image CC Team.
A cool guy that's up to help anyone in need! Gonk!


Image CC Team, Technical Team, Critique Team, and Disciplinary Team.
im etoile


Image CC Team, Critique Team, Writing Team, and Disciplinary Team
Possibly could be the actual color, though no one can confirm for sure. Does critique occasionally, also does image crediting. Is currently "in the mix" when it comes to disciplinary. Their obsession with switching music taste is slowly going out of control. Ask them about cats.


The following are moderators on the wiki.


Critique Team, Image CC Team, Maintenance Team

Abe VenrickAbe Venrick

Critique Team
blurb schmurb

Operational Staff

The following are the current Wikidot Operational Staff in cycle.

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