Meet The Staff
Wikidot Staff!

Everyone on this list are here to help keep the site running smoothly. Each of them have their own role or area of expertise where they are fit. Many are veterans, or at least have established themselves as quality site members. If you need to contact staff, tell us on our discord server, or else PM anyone on this list.

Note: You are expected to recognize these people when on the wiki. You don't have to memorize everything below, though when you see these people call orders, you are to listen.

Yes, some of the blurbs aren't that serious.


The following are administrators on the wiki.


Image CC Team (Co-Captain), Technical Team, Critique Team, Internet Outreach Team, Disciplinary Team (Captain), and Guide Team (Captain).
professional Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse (1996) speedrunner. capable of blinking in reverse. inventor of plastic forks. immune to all posts. reverse girlboss. ferret truther. lolcat historian. this is my story.


Critique Team, and Image CC Team.
A cool guy that's up to help anyone in need! Gonk!


Critique Team, Internet Outreach Team (Captain), Image CC Team.

Winner of the certified Chucklefucks Academy's "Objectively Funniest Man On Earth" award


Critique Team, Image CC Team (Co-Captain), Maintenance Team (Captain), Technical Team (Co-Captain), Disciplinary Team.


Critique Team (Captain), Maintenance Team, Internet Outreach Team
Forged out of the ashes of the elusive arcane world, wikidot user ArgonMightyArgonMighty is the result of what happens when a pact between gods of a forgotten realm is fragmented beyond recovery. Notable for their endeavours throughout the course of modern history (The most notable of these being the creation and destruction of the Greek gods), this user currently resides in a temple constructed out of obsidian at the bottom of the Mariana trench, and spends their time posting unfunny jokes that fall flat on wall fanfiction discussion forums.


The following are moderators on the wiki.

Abe VenrickAbe Venrick

Critique Team
is a loaf of bread, nothing special

Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio

Image CC Team, Critique Team, Maintenance Team
Why do I exist


Technical Team (Co-Captain)
too cool to have a blurb

Ross DearRoss Dear

The French guy.


Critique Team, Internet Outreach Team

Operational Staff

The following are the current Wikidot Operational Staff in cycle.

Image CC Team, Internet Outreach Team
Is a deer… or cat? (the world will never know.) Professional at existing. Was born at a very young age. Owner of cats. Master of time. Unable to change username due to wikidot's shitty interface. 664504563562184705.png?size=44

anyway here's wonderwall


Critique Team, Image CC Team
The official deadest alive person. Unironic author. World record holder of the most plastic bags owned by one person. Professional breathing enthusiast. Taking TikTok by storm. What the kids call “a bit late to the trends these days”. Wanted in all 6000 continents, dead or alive. Owns the real infinity gauntlet and is not afraid to use it. You will never hear me say a curse word.


Internet Outreach Team


Maintenance Team
You Just Lost The Game.


Critique Team, Maintenance Team
most ' ' type of guy you ever did see. i don't write here. they don't know i'm cringeposting my fanfic in #casual-general…


Teenage high schooler's nightmare. Most normal staff member (accurate c.2018). Owner of the Pacific ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Tonga trench, and an array of nuclear bombs located under Lake Natron. Dislikes water. Especially spicy carrot water.


Technical Team
css warlock


Hello, I'm Restartt, your average Australian staff member.
I'm going to launch a coup of this site and make everything upside-down.
Also, Karma lied, I actually own the Pacific ocean.


Critique Team

Non-Staff Greenlighters

The following are the current non-staff greenlighters. These users are not a part of the staff team, but still deserve recognition because they put a lot of work into helping with writing and controlling the quality of the Wiki.

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