Meet The Staff


These guys keep the Wiki running smoothly~

- ShroomDispencerShroomDispencer
The dick that started this whole thing
Wiki Contributions: The Shroom Dispensary

- 1000dumplings1000dumplings
The coolest girl in the Backrooms
Wiki Contributions: 1kD's Author Page

- Dr BierreDr Bierre
Also goes by 'Evfist'
Wiki Contributions: Dr. Bierres Bad Page

- StretchsterzStretchsterz
A chill kid who just can't get enough of writing
Wiki Contributions: Stretch's Infinite Space

Other Staff and Helpers:

Doin what we can to help out!

Also goes by 'Ur-Hakon the Greedy Boi'
Junior Staff - No Author Page

- Will AnomalerWill Anomaler
Also goes by 'Will Phoenix'
Backrooms Helper - Wiki Contributions

- Mauritanian MappingMauritanian Mapping
The mastermind of level -9
Backrooms Helper - No Author Page

- HxneyBeeHxneyBee
Also goes by 'Strxwberry'
Backrooms Helper - No Author Page

- knaffladknafflad
Literally just vibing
Discord Mod - Wiki Contributions

- LudoCryptLudoCrypt
Loves their partner!!!
Backrooms Staff - No Author Page

- zakkun_zakkun_
Also goes by 'zZᶻ'
Former Helper - Wiki Contributions

- LauLess-FunLauLess-Fun
Also goes by 'Flicker'
Backrooms Helper - No Author Page

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