Meet The Staff
Wikidot Staff

Everyone on this list is here to help keep the site running smoothly. Each of them has their own role or area of expertise where they are fit. Many are veterans, or at least have established themselves as quality site members. If you need to contact staff, tell us on our Discord server, or else PM anyone on this list.

Note: You are expected to recognize these people when on the wiki. You don't have to memorize everything below, though when you see these people call orders, you are to listen.

Yes, some of the blurbs aren't that serious.

Report form

If you are having issues with another member and would like to report them, or you believe that another member has broken the rules, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff through our report form. The form is entirely anonymous, and staff will not know or try to figure out who the reporter is. If you’d like to follow up with staff, you are allowed to create a throwaway discord account and communicate with staff via said account. Please leave its tag in somewhere on the form so we can do so. Staff checks this form regularly, so please do not hesitate to send in a report if necessary.


The following are administrators on the wiki.

CutTheBirchCutTheBirchHead Administrator

Critique Team, Licensing Team (Captain), Maintenance Team (Captain), Technical Team (Captain), Disciplinary Team

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Coltrane#9402

International Maintenance Team (Captain), Guide Team (Captain), Maintenance Team (Co-Captain)
You Just Lost The Game.

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Ferraru#5665

Disciplinary Team (Captain), Critique Team (Co-Captain), Internal Management Team (Captain), Community Outreach Team (Captain), Technical Team

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 MyrandFox#9160
Greggita MahayfaioGreggita Mahayfaio

Licensing Team, Critique Team, Rewrite Team (Captain), Maintenance Team
Why do I exist

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 BoringTalking#3712
PrinceBunPrinceBunAssistant Head Administrator

Technical Team (Co-Captain), Licensing Team, Rewrite Team
(insert bunloaf emote)
Call me Eden!


Disciplinary Team, Critique Team, Community Outreach Team (Co-Captain), Internal Management Team, Guide Team, Rewrite Team, International Maintenance Team
Also known as MaksuS. Just a dude, basically :D

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 MaksuS#3574

Critique Team (Captain), Licensing Team (Co-Captain), Maintenance Team, Rewrite Team
The only person who can achieve the goal of being dead and alive at the same time. I am wanted in 76 different continents. I also have the world record for the highest amount of coolness that a human can maintain. I was present during all of the crusades, and George Washington actually chopped down my Cherry tree. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I will now procede to laugh at you in 3 different languages.



Activity status: 🟠

Note: I am not on the discord server, but feel free to dm me regarding staff matters, as I am still an active member of staff.

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Natedagreat563#7458

the real cement. do not listen to the voices that say otherwise.

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 CementSandwich#6601

The following are moderators on the wiki.


Technical Team, Licensing Team
A goblin that likes letters—Cs, Ss, and Js specifically. Also call me K.

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 EpicNecromancer#6018

Disciplinary Team, Internal Managment Team, Community Outreach Team
listen to this

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 seeeenyoooor#9850

Disciplinary Team, Rewrite Team, Critique Team, Internal Management Team

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Evie Holmes#6927

Technical Team, Maintenance Team, International Maintenance Team

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 VivamusLudio#1469
Junior Staff

The following are the current junior staff on the wiki.


Internal Management Team, Rewrite Team
Resident weeb and oxygen addict, If you need me you can reach me through my discord. See ya around! ^-^

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Spectre48#2084

Critique Team, International Maintenance Team
consumer of potatoes, destroyer of oboes, bower of vibraphones
mostly active on discord

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Nashed Potatoes#1942

Maintenance Team, Internet Outreach Team, Community Outreach Team
asjdfgdshjh j

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 zaskou#8677

Community Outreach Team, Discipline Team, Guide Team
Just a lemon plotting world domination with a side job of writing stuff.
"I have 0 idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it" is my motto.
god of lemons

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Iamalemon#6339
  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 YellowISlol#5932

Disciplinary Team, Critique Team, Maintenance Team, Internet Outreach Team, Guide Team
God's most minimum-waged employee, along with his most beveraged driver. Holder of the title of "least insufferable Italian/Portuguese-American". Talk to me about Primus1 or I will talk to you about Primus.

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 captaiin#4444

Critique Team, Disciplinary Team, Rewrite Team, Community Outreach Team, Internal Management Team, Guide Team

  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Secondtoinfinity#6531
Scutoid StudiosScutoid Studios
  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 scutoid#4650
Licensing Team, Internet Outreach Team, Maintenance Team
Is a deer… or cat? (the world will never know.) Professional at existing. Was born at a very young age. Owner of cats. Master of time. Unable to change username due to Wikidot's shitty interface. 664504563562184705.png?size=44
  • unknown.png?width=566&height=566 Deer#7777
Non-Staff Greenlighters

The following are the current non-staff greenlighters. These users are not a part of the staff team, but still deserve recognition because they put a lot of work into helping with writing and controlling the quality of the wiki. Learn more about them on our greenlight policy page.

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