The Manila Room
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Class 0

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  • Devoid of Hostile Entities

An image of The Manila Room.

The Manila Room is a small room that can rarely be found in Level 0 and often acts as a safe point where wanderers meet when traveling through the level.


The Manila Room is an isolated, square room with thick walls within Level 0, named for the unique beige color of its wallpaper. It has minimal furnishings which vary slightly between appearances, usually no more than a table and chair as well as anywhere from 1 to 4 entrances.

The Manila Room is commonly used as a meeting point for wanderers, as despite the changing and isolating nature of Level 0, The Manila Room will always appear in the same location for everyone when discovered and does not have the same effect as Level 0 which prevents wanderers from meeting. This leads to wanderers appearing to fade into existence upon entering. Care should be taken to avoid entering from the same entrance at the same time.


The lighting in The Manila Room is nearly identical to that of Level 0 and produces the same irritating noise. The brightness of these lights, however, varies greatly and is known to fluctuate over time, causing occasional periods of total darkness.

Standard entities have never been observed in The Manila Room; however, knocking and banging noises have been reported coming from within the walls, leading some to believe one or more entities may be present within them. These noises are reportedly loudest during periods when the lights are off.


The Manila Room is used to store M.E.G. documentation that explains The Backrooms and provides essential information to new wanderers, of which roughly 36% reported that the documentation had been essential in escaping Level 0.

All documentation is stored in folders stamped with the M.E.G. insignia and placed on the table if it is present, though these documents do occasionally disappear with the normal changes to the room, requiring that they be replaced when reported missing.

Documents stored here cover a variety of topics, most notably noclipping, a field guide to the most common and dangerous entities, and a guide to important levels. A sample document can be viewed below.

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