The Manila Room
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The Manila Room is an isolated, medium-sized square room in the Backrooms, and appears to have no significant relationship with any other level. The room gets its name from the fact that the wallpaper and flooring have a light beige-yellow color like that of manila paper.


Similar to other levels, the Manila Room features loud fluorescent lights. The lights will gradually vary in luminosity over time; psychological and mood-related issues seem to occur most frequently when the lights are brightest. The Manila Room can be accessed at random from Level 0. This room is uneventful and at most will generate with a small wooden table and chairs at its center. The walls of the manila room are also very thick, however, it is speculated that there is a kind of open space within or beyond the walls.

Entities in the conventional sense have not been extensively reported nor verified in the Manila Room, however repetitive knocking which often appears to circle the room, has been reported, especially when individuals in the room are experiencing emotional distress. This has led some to speculate that an entity may exist in or near the walls of the room.

The Manila Room supposedly also experiences periods of zero-light in which no light is present in the room. During these purported phases, which never last more than a few hours, distant voices, yelling and machinery can be heard from outside of the room. These noises, if real, are thought to come randomly from other levels in the Backrooms, despite not being physically connected in any way.

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