Man In The Middle - Part 3
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The halls were dark, the diner closed. Andrew and Percy had already left, so John walked out. Then he heard what he thought were sirens. Quickly, children began fleeing into the houses. Ohm quickly ran to John, "You need to get moving, now! The M.E.G are here they want us all." Ohm said before turning and asking, "Unless you want to join?". Ohm quickly wheeled towards the confused John before handing over a knife. John then responded, in assurance, "What… I'm going to fight, you've done nothing but help me, of course, I'm going to protect this place". Quickly, Ohm guided John to the marble gate, revealing burning fires the entire forest was burning to the ground.

John followed before jumping up to the rafts, taking a few chunks of marble and throwing them down. When he saw corpses lying across the ground. Burned to a crisp and some living been dragged away, one of them being Andrew. John jumped over the small shelter he had, stabbing into the back of the man taking Andrew. The figure quickly turned, the knife striking what seemed to be armour. But at this moment, Andrew twisted the man's arm. John slashed downwards, causing the man's arm to rip in a violent tear. A few slashes of blood dripped from the man's arm before he fell. Over their heads, they saw Percy jumping into battle. Swinging an axe before throwing it into an unidentified figures head. "Thank god, The ASI has axes that are good at being weapons." Percy blurted out before pulling a pistol from his side. He fired several shots, most of them missing, but a threw pieced the bodies of warriors, men and women alike, but then John saw a child. No older than eight, dressed in armour, they seemed scared, so John approached slowly.

John asked if the child was okay, to which they began crying, "They brought me here they said if I don't fight, they'll kill me!". John was shocked. Such a terrible thing occurred for more soldiers. In response, John picked up the child, carrying them to Ohm, who took them to safety from the bloodshed. The action of sending this child, no older than eight, into a battle. It shattered John, so he responded by charging up, cutting the throat of those who blocked him until eventually reaching the sixth wall, where he was shot and downed. He felt his body draining, adrenaline drifting away. When John awoke, he was chained to a wall the chains were rusted, in rotten decay. A door lay in front of his, nothing else except for the concrete walls imprisoning him and the chain which held him in place. That is when the door began to rattle. A man walked up, wearing a black ski mask.

They searched around, grabbing a hot steam pipe before heating it over a candle. The figure then tore off John's shirt before pressing the burning rod onto John's stomach, burning an outline of 'VIII' into their chest. John began to squirm the chains stabbing into his arms. But, as the figure turned around, John drew his strength and tore himself from the chains, sending the figure in front of him barrelling forward. He ran for the door, running down the corridor before his body heaved in pain, his skin bleeding and blistering. His hands began to leak blackened pus and, his body fell, slowly jerking on the ground. He attempted to crawl but struggled slowly, getting up before fleeing into the darkened mist.

More figures followed John, moving side to side. He felt a bursting pain radiating from his heart, but he continued running. He fell to the floor, hearing voices approaching, screaming murder. John lost his hope, but then he felt a hand grab him. It was cold and robotic. It was Ohm. John was confused. How did Ohm get here? Why? "Ohm… why… did you come for me?" John asked. He was confused, but Ohm tugged him up, slowly carrying him towards a light. Ohm then responded with, "Because, I will guide you as far as you need to go, now quickly into the light." the room was now white, embraced in the light as Ohm stopped and pushed John forward.

Ohm tried to flee, but the figure caught up. Grabbing Ohm, they tried to tear off their skull. Ohm remembered everything. All those friendships, all those innocents, they all needed him. Ohm emitted a single shock, causing the figure to fall back and allowing Ohm to escape, their robotic heart pounding to the beat of drums. As Ohm quickly fled, John began stumbling, sepsis cutting deep into his blood. Ohm grabbed John before hearing breaking glass. Ohm panicked, John's soul began to remove itself from his body, cracking. Ohm reached out his hand, calling out "I… save us all, I" through the forest. John then fell to the floor, his soul breaking from the orb shape into a liquid mesh.

The gate broke open, Percy running from his seat and toward the two. Ohm quickly passed John to Percy before saying, "Percy, you're I… you need to unify his soul… please Master Of Magery.", to which Percy sighed before saying, "I will try me best… but we need to act now…".

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