Man In The Middle - Part 2
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The room was light, bright marble bricks lining the walls, dusted and dried with white paint. Ohm sat on a wooden chair next to John before standing up and taking John hand. "Do you think you could walk?" Ohm asked, his voice robotic but warm. "I… think I can." the man said before standing up with the help of Ohm. "Why, young gentleman, what is your name?" Ohm asked, his gears twisting as he moved his arm away. "My name is John…" John said, stumbling towards a nearby door with the help of Ohm before opening the door.

The outside was freezing, leaves falling to the floor, persevering through the strong gusts of wind. "Where are we?" John asked, guided by Ohm. Ohm paused, opening a door before saying, "We're in The Megaflora, in the depths of a cold Halloween, it has been ever so harsh recently… but hopefully we can help you." before pushing the door to reveal a small dining area. About three people were there, excluding the bartender and the cookers seen walking around the back.

"So, can you tell me where we are? Like, can you give me a map?" John asked, taking a seat with Ohm sitting opposite to them. "Sure, in the middle of the town, we have the hospital moving to the back are doors which will take you to the ER. To the left of the town, we have the diner - and the gate, which is how we get into this place. To the right of the town are the laboratory, prison and storage rooms. To the north are the church and the barracks. As for the south, that's the castle and inn." Ohm replied before handing John a small paper map. "Thank you, say can you pass me the menu I'm hungry," John said, feeling a sense of relief. "Here's the menu hungry," Ohm said before breaking into robotic laughter, to which John joined.

After a while, Ohm left, a few minutes later, John joined. Walking towards the inn. He was curious about the church that had some form of aura that both scared and interested him. John strode forward, eventually reaching the inn. Inside was a receptionist, dressed in a black suit. John approached before asking "May I get a room?". To which the receptionist responded with "Sure! Ohm said you were new here, so they paid for your room. It's on the fifth floor." The receptionist said before passing John a set of keys, "Room 504" the receptionist then said. John was a little bit confused, but took the keys and went to the floor anyway. He opened the door to see something he didn't expect. The bed frame was made from wood and gold, a leather rug lay on the floor, and what seemed to be a desk remained at the front. There was also a bathroom, a dining room and a kitchen. John paused for a second, curious, it seemed like effort had been put in, but John didn't bat an eye, as he felt strangely calm.

John then walked to the bed, pulling the sheet back before realizing he was still in a jacket he was put in at the hospital. It felt slightly itchy now that John realized it existed, so he took it off and placed it on the side. Putting on a blue polo shirt and rested on his bed. He jerked for hours, trying to sleep, but the more he tried, the more he remembered. He has been taken… to that place, but before John could get too into the sinking realization of events, he drifted into a somewhat poor sleep. He then awoke, feeling a pain in his chest. He walked into the bathroom, pulling up his shirt to reveal a mark. Not one from been cut open, like a scar, but a symbol from what looked like a burn. It looked like a 'V' with three 'I' next to it, 'VIII' if you will, however, as John walked over away from the mirror before he vomited into the sink. He looked down to see drops of what looked to be metal pooling around and into the drain. John was alarmed, his memory was trying to suppress what happened that night, but it couldn't. It felt like a burning pain at the back of his head.

John turned on the tap, feeling awake by what had happened. He then tried to go back to bed but couldn't as his head was stinging. Perhaps water could help? He filled up a glass from the kitchen before sipping, but then he felt faint. John rushed outside, feeling like something was binding his legs. But as soon as he got into the leave covered exterior of the inn, he felt fine. Was it all just a hallucination? John ran through the leaves, taking a quick jog. But as he approached the end, he saw two men. The first seemed to be wearing a ski mask, the same as… them. The second seemed scared, dressed in a black suit. The first man began punching the second, sending squirts of blood all around. John rushed forth, feeling something within him burn. In his shock, John pulled the first man away, causing them to move back and slam their head into the rock. Quickly, a third man rushed forward. He had black hair and were also in a suit. He called on a phone before walking towards the second man, embracing them in a romatic hug.

John watched as a woman grabbed the man in a ski mask, dragging them towards the jail with burning hellfire in their eyes. Meanwhile, the second and third men began walking towards the church before the second turned around. "Thank you… today is our wedding, and I was on my way when they climbed the wall…" the second man said, before handing over a gift, a chocolate bar, "It's all I have. But hopefully it's enough…" the second man then said, before turning around with their groom and walking toward the church, both lovingly embracing. The third then turned around, whispering to the second before saying, "Say… I barely know you, but thank you". John responded with "No problem…" before walking away and back towards the inn.

When John arrived at his room, he felt cold. He walked towards the fireplace before sparking a match and starting the fire. John decided to rest, accidently falling asleep before awakening at 10 AM. He felt warm and quickly changed into grey jeans with a white polo, which he took from the wardrobe. But as John reached back into the wardrobe. He grabbed what seemed to be a strange box, carved with swirling shapes. John quickly tugged on the box before pulling it out, revealing a music box. John was curious before winding up, it didn't sing, but it did play a tune that felt so familiar but so remote. It felt like something from his childhood, but that was long ago, and he wasn't here then.

John quickly pulled down his collar before leaving, taking the stairs down. He arrived at the plaza, a point between the gate and the hospital. The air was nice and warmish, but now it was the day after Halloween. The scariness has been long gone, but still, some houses had decorations up. Quickly realizing he should probably get something to eat, John went to the diner, where he saw the couple sitting. He approached, before asking the pair if he could join, to which they both replied yes. "Thank you for last night… I should probably introduce myself" the man who had been injured said, "My name's Andrew, and my husband is called Percy." Andrew said before kissing Percy. John then said, "Hello, Andrew and Percy, are you okay Andrew? You were hit a lot." before taking the seat and grabbing the menu. Andrew then responded, "I had a few bruises…" before turning to face the door. Percy then spoke, "I must thank you, the man was jailed. He was looking for someone, but I doubt they'll find the. Say what is your name. I'd forgotten to ask. "My name's John," said John, his mind reminding him of who that probably was. "Are you okay?" Andrew asked, "You've gone pale". John paused for a second… before saying "I was taken by one of… them, they hurt me… I thank Ohm that I was found. But I just don't know if they've found you then. Who knows if they're after me." John went paler, a small tear slipping down his face. "Don't worry." Percy said, taking a plate from a waiter who had walked up and handed it over, "Those people have bothered our outpost ever since we've gotten here. But I suppose you wonder who they are. Well, they're The M.E.G.… they let the richest torture those they find on Halloween's day, it's like a purge, but the poor are killed, and the rich become murderers."

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