Man In The Middle - Part 1
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The dinner bells chimed, ringing out across the dining table. The figures wore black masks and were covered by smiling faces, facing towards the centre of the table. In the middle of the table was a man, no older than twenty-five, chained down by sharp knife-like chains goring into his skin. Blood dripped off his hands as his cries emitted, followed by screaming. One of the figures stood up before slowly approaching the table, a metal rod in his hand. The figure slipped the rod over a burning candle hotter than possible before slowly rolling it across the man's stomach, discarding a trail of burnt flesh that moved up and down like a merry-go-round. He screamed, shaking, causing the chains to bind deeper into his flesh. The first masked figure then spoke, "Here we are, feel the burn and the pain! The more you suffer, the more the lord will be proud!"

The masked figure then sat down before a second figure stood up, walking over to a table of instruments. They searched around for a few seconds before taking what seemed to be a scalpel before slowly approaching the man. The second masked figure turned, plunging the scalpel into the man's chest, cutting down until they reached the man's trousers, The man on the table pleading "Please! I'm only John. I don't mean you harm." while screaming as their muscled moved away from the pain, then he stopped. Blood poured from the wound as the Linea Alba moved like string across a tense surface. The cries rang out tirelessly until the man began to stutter - then froze. The second masked figure then spoke, "Now with this cut, we will plant the seeds of doubt. But I am not trained to do this, so I shall lead it to the next."

The second masked figure sat, and a third stood up to take their place. The third planted an IV into the man's arm, performing a transfusion. They then grabbed a bag from the side, opening it to reveal thousands of black seeds. The third then pours these seeds into the man's chest, sending blood spraying upwards before pausing, only to say, "As a sacrifice to the old and the corrupt, we shall bind you with the seeds of evil, which will grow inside of you."

The third man then finished before sowing the man's chest. A smile gripping his face. Then, they tore the burning chain from the man's hands, arms and legs before saying, "Now get running… soon you will see. Get running."

The third figure then broke into laughter, the other two standing up as the man tried to run through the corridors. They were bricked yellow; not like There, but terrifyingly similar. The man quickly ran, feeling their body shaking, tears and sweat dripping down from their head and chest, or was that just blood? The man barrelled round the corner, but it was all the same: bricks, stone and pillars of broken debris. He felt his legs shake, the dark hallways consuming his. His head spun, the blood pulling itself from his body. Seeping to his feet and dragging red prints behind him.

The man turned, gasping, before seeing something, it was human but could John trust it? He approached, afraid it may be one of them. But then it turned its face was spiked flesh, and its legs were hooves of a horse. The creature fled, the man running in the opposite direction before feeling a daze. His head burnt with an unknown infection, his legs shaking, and his stomach began to necrose, causing black fluid to spill from his abdomen like jello. He felt cold before collapsing. He crawled, seeing a figure in the distance, but his eyes closed, and his vision blanked out.

When he awoke, he was in a dark room filled with damp moulds and deep shades of purple. His head and arms were strapped down. In front of them was A TV which flickered between channels, spinning the man into a dreamish state. He felt the grips of pain overcome him, a sickness filling his body with feverish intentions, causing his skin to blister and boil. He felt his hands shake, his stomach wriggling with pain as the mix of seeds and blood spilt through, a blackened rash spreading across it. His chest lunged before he moved, removing the chains from his body. He dropped to the floor, bloodied and alone, before crawling across the cold floor that was covered in glass and dust to the nearby exit door before pushing upon it. The TV flickered, switched from channel to channel, screaming and exhaling devilish sounds pulled from hell.

He pressed the door open, propping himself up on the handle and limping forth. His heart pounded, and his arms dripped with discoloured blood. He pushed but heard footsteps behind him, walking towards him. The man broke into a run, someone laughing behind him. He barred open a door before falling. His eyes closed as he expected death to be near. But when he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, a green and yellow machine standing in front of him. It opened its mouth before speaking, "Do not worry. I am Ohm, take a rest…"

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