Makaraig's Circle Of Hell
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Hi I'm Elias or makaraig (as you know me on this site). I'm filipino (bicolano) and I use xe/he pronouns.
I like to write things! and also draw things! I am a horror hater and lover and I have a disease that makes me write romance no matter what I try to write. I also write things that might make you think "damn… are you ok?" the answer is (laughs).


all of my work as a backrooms author (cringe)


Entity 108 - "The Birds"

The Birds are a colony of small, bird-like entities that hunt in groups.
(My first article ever, I confess that I used the ants article as a reference for this lmao)

Entity 186 - "The Singer"

Another shitty situation I've gotten myself into…
(Aaaa!!!! gay people!!!! Also fun fact The Singer and The Comedian's numbers being next to each other is on purpose, theyre dating its rivals to lovers this is important maybe)


Level 62 - "Jungle Backyard" (REWRITE)

Unauthorized access to this file will result in automatic self-censorship of the file's contents. We will also not hesitate to take direct action if needed.
(My first rewrite! I really wanted to stay simple with my concept and also wanted to write about the other Kalag members)

Level 945 - "Creation of the sea vessel as recorded by E. Makaraig"

Level 945 is an island with an ocean at its center.
(Ah this level, I wrote this out of stress and I kind of want to improve it in the future)

Level 499 - "Terrestrial Paradise"

If it is possible, the M.E.G. needs to be in close communication with Rizal.
(Technically I DID write half of the level article which is the emails, anyway this is a collab with CutTheBirchCutTheBirch)

Level 211 - "Stomach Lining"

"Ayúdame— Eli— Mama I can't see shit."
(I forgot i wrote this whoops.)


Still Waters

In still waters, you can see a glimpse of what the water hides. That's why the water always moves, because it always feels guilty.
(This is my favorite thing I've written actually lmao)

Mandatory File Cleanup

"[ slowly, pressure forms and spreads from the back of the head to the temple. ]"
(Here's my mincon2021 entry! I wrote this while still pretty burnt out so I'm kind of happy how it turned out)


When did I let someone into my life like this?
(Can you believe it took me forever to finish this? anyway gay people)

Interview with Ophelia Robinson - 3/21/2022

This operation is quite… intense if I say so myself.
(I actually hate this article so much like i was literally having a breakdown writing this and its why its so bad. but like………… i only added it here for posterity sake and for self shaming too.)


I will try my damn best to come back to you.


Other stuff

POI - Gani (our favorite sad archivist)

"I'm just an archivist who was unfortunate enough to be stuck in that… Level is what you people call that right?"
(they, this asshole)

The Kalag Institute GOI page

"Mabuhay! Welcome to The Kalag Institute, the everlasting archive for those who came before."
(This took like… a few hours? Had fun formatting this)

feel free to write stuff involving my characters and works on this site but please do mind to not erase important parts of my characters (like ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexuality yadda yadda). i also would recommend messaging me through discord :)

I can't believe I am saying this but I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH WHITE WRITERS WRITING NUANCED WRITING ABOUT KALAG AND ESPECIALLY THE MAKARAIG FAMILY. You can use these characters, I just don't want people writing huge important lore of them without me knowing because my backrooms lore is heavily intertwined with various Philippine cultures.

im on twitter too if you want to bother me there. this is my twitter

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