M.E.G.: The Discovery Of The Wretch
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M.E.G. Event Log 248: Type Entity: March/08/2014:
This log entry is a Voice recording, in the "Sector 7B Voice Channel", in the M.E.G. Data Center. This log is the discovery of our 15th Entity in our Data Base Named "Wretches", this entity occurs when a wanderer is isolated and deprived of nutrients after a few days to months, the timeframe has not been recorded. This Log also includes a discovery of a new Colony of Wanderers, for now, referred to as "The Survivors". The following Voice Log has been translated to Text at the Bottom. The Personnel in the chat are "Stretch (Team Overseer)", and a wanderer that will be known as "Austin". The following Team sent to rescue the survivors are "Team Postal Delivery", "Team Wild Warriors", and "Team Quick Match".

Begin Log:

[Time: 15:28 PM]

  • Austin: Hello!? Uhh, I don't think I can get this thing working.
  • Stretch: Yes, I can hear you, loud and clear as of now.
  • Austin: Oh, hi! Uhh, I was wondering what Level I'm on because I think I'm lost, and I can't find anyone.
  • Stretch: Explain your surroundings, please?
  • Austin: Uhh… Some like walls, and long pipes an… [unintelligible]
  • Stretch: Seems to me you're in Level 2 my friend. You know you can always go see the Levels list on our Data Base.
  • Austin: Um, Data Base?
  • Stretch: Yes, isn't that how you found our Voice Channel?
  • Austin: Uh, no, I just found this Walkie-Talkie thing on the ground.
  • Stretch: Huh, seems weird, any marks on the device?
  • Austin: Lemme see… No, not that I can see.
  • Stretch: A Wanderer must have dropped it.
  • Austin: Uhh, is that a bad thing?
  • Stretch: That question, is unknown.
  • Austin: Okay the- Wait.
  • Stretch: Is there a problem?
  • Austin: I hear footsteps and a light walking down the end of the hallway.
  • Stretch: Can you see any features?
  • Austin: I think… I think they are human.
  • Stretch: Possible group, any markings?
  • Austin: Uhh, no, seems like normal people, finally!
  • Stretch: Well, that seems good.
  • Austin: They want to show me their base, should I go?
  • Stretch: We do not recommend it, but that choice is up to you.
  • Austin: Alright.
  • Austin: Well, they seem pretty low on food, and supplies, and stuff like that, and their base is not that big either…
  • Stretch: How many Survivors are there in the group?
  • Austin: Uhh, only Eleven (11) right now.
  • Stretch: They are a pretty small group, we might be able to help.
  • Austin: You know, that would be gre- Uhh, what?
  • Stretch: Is there an issue?
  • Austin: They seem to want me to help with a problem.
  • Stretch: What kind of problem?
  • Austin: Uhh, killing a zombie?
  • Stretch: Terminating an Entity is a dangerous thing to do, do you have any weapons?
  • Austin: Me? no, but the others say they have some crafted spears and stuff.
  • Stretch: I suggest not to tackle any type of Entity unless using the proper Weapons.
  • Austin: Well, they're kinda sad at me now, but they are now asking me if I want to join their camp.
  • Stretch: They seem safe for now, but again, it is up to you.
  • Austin: Okay then, I'll see what I can do to help them.

[Time 16:02 PM]

  • Austin: Uhh, hello?
  • Stretch: Yes, I am still here.
  • Austin: Oh, okay, I have met all of the people here, and we still need some supplies.
  • Stretch: Are you close to one of the Entrances?
  • Austin: Yup, we are.
  • Stretch: Okay, we will be sending in "Team Postal Delivery", to your location very soon.
  • Austin: Alright, we will be…
  • Stretch: Hello?
  • Austin: Uhh, we have a problem…
  • Stretch: What is the situation?
  • Austin: That Zombie they were talking about, well it's coming to our base.
  • Stretch: How fast?
  • Austin: Well, it's very slow.
  • Stretch: We will be sending in "Team Wild Warriors" with the others to your pos…
  • Austin: Wait, one second…
  • Stretch: Hello? Please respond?… Dammit…

[Time: 16:34 PM]

  • Austin: I think we got it.
  • Austin: Hello?
  • Stretch: Okay, please do not do that again.
  • Austin: Ha! Alright.
  • Stretch: That took you around Thirty (30) minutes to terminate the Entity.
  • Austin: Yeah, it was very tough, its skin was tough, we got it killed by stabbing one of its holes.
  • Stretch: Holes? please explain.
  • Austin: Well, it had Reddish-Brown skin, with holes, its face looks weird, his eyes are really big, and it.. it just looks crazy, It's probably one of those Skin Zombie things I've heard about.
  • Stretch: Skin Stealers are not known to look like that. Our teams will be coming in to look at your terminated Entity, and give your group the proper supplies.
  • Austin: Ok, thank you for your help by the way!
  • Stretch: No Problem, if you have any more-
  • Austin: Eww!
  • Stretch: What is it?
  • Austin: It's leaking… Blood?… well, a clear fluid, and its scent, is so… nutty…
  • Stretch: It helps to keep you stable.
  • Austin: Heh, this guy looks like he's losing it.
  • Stretch: I'll keep that noted… Do you have a name?
  • Austin: You can call me Austin.
  • Stretch: Alright Austin, we will be arriving at your location shortly.

End Log:

After this Event Log, M.E.G. "Team Wild Warriors", and "Team Postal Delivery" have located, and arrived at The Survivors Base, and gave them supplies, to last them around five (5) months. The Survivors have packed the Entity in cardboard boxes, soaking with Almond Water, the entity was not discovered, and was named "Wretches", by "Stretch". Since this Event, "Austin" became the leader of The Survivors, and after this "Team Quick Match" arrived at The Survivors Base on Level 2, and guided them out to Level 4, in the Log entry "[Link Removed…?]".

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