M.E.G.: The Discovery Of Level 94
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M.E.G. Event Log 862: Type Level: May/02/2020:
This Log Entry is about the discovery of Level 94. A survivor which we will call "Wanderer" for privacy reasons, has accidentally stumbled into Level 94 via The Hub, after exiting The End. Team "Quick Match" was already sent on a mission at that moment, so Team "Compass Point" was sent out to fill in the task after Team "First Response" gotten into a communication with the Wanderer, in "Sector 2A Voice Channel". The Teams involved in this Log was Team "Compass Point", Team "Quick Match", Team "First Response" and Team "Overseer".

The first Entry is the Voice Chat Log between the Wanderer and Team "First Response" Member 'Harry'.

Begin Log:

(Time: 19:26 PM)

  • Wanderer: Help- is anyo- (Seems the user was tuning in at this point.)
  • Harry: Tune your channel wheel a bit more…
  • Wanderer: He- Hello!? Can you hear me… I-
  • Harry: Yes, loud and clear!
  • Wanderer: Oh thank god! you guys gotta help!
  • Harry: What seems to be the iss-
  • Wanderer: Everything is not real! It's… like… like crafted, I don't know… I just need help!
  • Harry: Possible new Level, we will be sending Team "Quick Match" to your loc-
  • Wanderer: Hurry! I'm running out of Almond Water! I'm going insane from this place… Please…
  • Harry: We'll need to know your last known location before this event, plea-
  • Wanderer: Okay, okay… I was… I was in the…
  • Harry: Is something wrong?
  • Wanderer: Everything is so quiet now, no more music…..
  • Harry: Please explain where-
  • Wanderer: It's… It's night… I… I don't… Wait… What are?…
  • Harry: Hello!? If you need to be saved then please tell us your last location.
  • Wanderer: Wait what the hell are those!? They're, Puppet People! There coming for me, I gotta…
  • Harry: Hello? *Sighs* Looks like I'll have to wait.

(Time: 09:47 AM)

  • Wanderer: Is anyone liste-
  • Wanderer: Hello!
  • Harry: We hear ya' bud.
  • Wanderer: Hey! It's me, from that talk last night… It feels weird saying that.
  • Harry: You’re back, and alive too!
  • Harry: Well, we'll still need your previous location, if you want to be saved.
  • Wanderer: Oh, yeah, yeah hold on… Alright, I was in The End, okay, and I got lucky and escaped. After that I made my way to The Hub, and then this entrance opened on the floor. It was weird, you wont miss it.
  • Harry: Alright, since Team "Quick Match" is on duty at this moment, it seems we'll have to send in Team "Compass Point" through your previous location, Overseer-C has approved your request.
  • Wanderer: Okay, thank you! just beware of the night, in this place.
  • Harry: Noted.

End Log:

In the second Log, Team "Compass Point" was sent out to rescue the Wanderer, and explore this new Level. The Team's leader 'Reed' is tasked to write down Logs of the events that will occur.

Begin Log:

(Time: 13:18 PM)

Okay, here we go then. So, we just made it out of The End, I haven't done that in awhile, we have a little cheat around The End's system of traps or whatever. Dan is already mapping out our route we're taking, damn I have no idea how he does it so fast, but hey that's Daniel for ya'. Anyways, we are close to The Hub as of now, and I'm kinda exited, as the Level seems to have a little neat description and, you know 'Crafted' and all. I wonder how it will look like, or what we'll find. I'll keep you guys in the loop after we explore a bit of it.

(Time: 15:34 PM)

Alright, so awhile ago, we found the entrance, and god it made a cut through the wall, straight down, like a straight rectangular box cut all the way down on the side of the wall. The Wanderer said it was on the floor, it's possible the entrance relocates itself every time it's re-opened, which is very weird to me. after that little discovery, we through a rope down, and we wrapped it to a pole in The Hub. Once down, Randy just said to us "Guys, we are not in Kansas anymore", which I thought was kinda funny and I chuckled. But you know what? he couldn't be more right. This place is messed up, like visual effect wise. It's like I'm in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" down here. The entire place is like a Puppet Stop-Motion movie, set in the 50's, milk vans and all! although, that said milk, was in-fact Almond Milk, a different substance, but still almonds. for god's sake I'm sick of it's taste, but it always helps. Jack grabbed a few for his own uses in his cooking. The houses in this place are no different to everything else, being cartoony, and freaky and things like that. Retro TV's and furniture, from the 50's, again, in this animated form. We actually explored a lot of houses, and this effect is hurting my head, but, there is no time to complain, better keep moving with the Team.

(Time: 16:34 PM)

This place is insane, it has a fountain, with Almond Water, once more, like it would be anything else. Anyways the siren poles have been playing nothing but this cartoony music for the entire time, like, it repeats the same tune over and over again, it's getting annoying. Other news, is that it seems to be getting darker, which is weird finally seeing the sun set again, but it just reminds me of this hell hole I'll never escape from. Continuing on, we found a house which was flooded, with normal water, which only meant one thing to me, Level 7. So there's one exit found. Still no sign of the Wanderer yet, I hope they are safe. Speaking of safe, I remember something about the Wanderer talking about the night, and Puppets, or something like that. anyways, we'll keep a look out during the night, I'll see you guys in a bit.

(Time: 20:53 PM)

Okay guys, so, what happened was that the night came around, and the music stopped finally. But once that started, we heard strange laughter, coming from all around the place. The sounds were coming from the Puppet Entities. These guys were in all different shapes and sizes, and cloths and colors too. Their movement was very animated like, as it is with everything else, we were getting attacked, probably because we are not animated like them. We saw a few other things too, Skin-Stealers, Smilers and a few more as well. They were all getting ripped apart by these Puppet People, like, forces of strength we never seen before on an Entity. Two (2) of these things ripped apart a Skin-Stealer in like four (4) seconds. We all ran to find a safe place for us to hold our ground, Jack had the great idea, to run to the Level 7 exit, and camp there, until the night is over. We all ran to the exit, as Jess was holding them off. We all survived, and made it to Level 7, but not far so that the exit won't disappear. Well, we were setting up camp, until unexpectedly, one of those Puppet Things made it into our camp, and attacked me, well tried to. Before it can even touch me, Randy ran in with a metal pipe, and smacked it's wooden head off. I was terrified, because i was so close to that thing, that Randy almost hit me too. I told him to watch were your going, as he probably would've killed me, or at least make me unconscious. Where did he even get a pipe? Anyways, we are in Level 7, waiting for the night to pass by, in this new place. Jack is cooking up another meal right now, and it's almost ready, he's using the Almond Milk from earlier. The stuff poors out like it's Stop-Motion,it makes me feel weird, anyways, i'll get back to you guys after we do a bit more exploration.

(Time: 09:18 AM)

Well everyone, what happened was that the Level turned to morning, and that obnoxious music was playing again, which actually feels reassuring, and we continued to explore, Harry tells us the Wanderer is still alive, and communicating with him as of now, and he says that the wanderer is in a floating castle, of some sort. Well, we found it, it's actually pretty big, and we should've seen it when we entered this Level from The Hub to begin with. We are making are way there right now, walking through the hills and roads, and let me tell you, we found some strange stuff. There were a few houses, which looked normal, at least to everything else. then it got stranger, the further we got to the castle, the stranger the houses got, like we found a single Kitchen room, just out there in the fields, without the other rooms of a house. We also found a Bedroom, but it's room was just a single wall, and floor, with furniture for a bedroom, and a bed, where that wall is. Not only that, but it gets to the point where there is just random piles of furniture, and somehow, Randy found a coin, sitting in a sink, in one of the furniture piles. The date of the coin was 1953, which matches the rest of this place. We also saw a few Death Rats, which they are also animated, I guess it's to save themselves from the Puppet Things, Well, we are close to the Castle now, and it looks like it actually has a mountain underneath it, and it isn't floating, but this said mountain, is transparent, which is all kinds of weird. Anyways, we'll get back to you guys after we explore the castle.

(Time: 12:31 PM)

So I'm at the door to the throne room as I call it right now, waiting for the others after we split up from those Robot toy things. Okay, let me catch you up to whats going on. So basically, we entered the Castle, and everything inside was normal, and is not actually animated, which made me very pleased. I was going to go insane if I have to look at that effect again. Any-who, the entire place is like a fun house, in a carnival, halls would loop around, slides leading to different rooms, ball pits, and stuff like that. There was one interesting room I found, which seemed to be a studio, with a mini replica of the town of this Level, and it's Entities, which I thought was pretty cool. a few tables with papers and sketches of this place, as if it was being made into a movie. After we interacted with everything, we go attacked by two (2) robot men, they were like the castle guards. My Team all split up, to effectively get rid of these robo men. Obviously one (1) was chasing me as I was running away from it. I ended up running through a hall that was unnaturally bright, blinding levels of light, and the robot guy got lost in it, and I escaped. Now, i found a huge door, and I'm waiting for the rest of the Team to meet me- Okay, just in right now, Jess got to the entrance to the throne room, Jack found it too just now, and none of them are near me. Looks like we have a door that appears at random, huh. anyways, once Randy finds it, we'll enter it. I hear two (2) people chatting on the other side. I'll see you guys there.

(Time: 13:07 PM)

I'm in Level 1 now, I can't really remember everything, that happened, but I still remember the important things. We entered the Throne Room,and I was right about my assumption, it was a throne room. we were all there, even though none of us were together before entering. the Wanderer was there, frozen still as we thought, although he was still talking as if he was being controlled by The King, yeah i forgot to mention that. This King is the ruler of this castle, and was in the middle of what he calls 'transformation', which would explain the Wanderers lack of response, he was under mind control. This thing was made out of stone, but still moved and spoke like a normal being. Me and the Team were about to fight this King until he somehow made these Animations of this creature I would always seen in my nightmares as a kid. I was afraid of it then, until i realized it was a manifestation of my own self doubt, which still kinda effects me to this day. But when I saw it now, it had this fear inducing effect, which I was not really affected by, I just felt anger, and I eventually destroyed the thing, with my Team. After that the King spoke and congratulated us on defeating our greatest fears, and blew up, like literally blown up into light. And then I was in Level 1. The M.E.G. is arriving at my destination as of now. Jess and Randy are still there in that Level, with the Wanderer, they appeared on the road, close to the town. They have plenty of time to make it to Level 7, Jess also took a picture of the road, as she said. Jack is in Level 4, and The M.E.G. is looking for him, at least we are all safe. This is Reed, Captain of Team "Compass Point", signing out.

End Log:

All members of Team "Compass Point", were found and rescued, including the Wanderer. They were all transferred to "Base Alpha" on Level 0. Reed came up with the number '94' for the new Level entry for our Data Base. You may find the Level here: Level 94. The Wanderer was sent to the B.N.T.G. Traders Keep, to live in for a few months. New Entity Entries were added for Animations and The Animated King.

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