M.E.G. - Team "Overseer"

Who Are Team Overseer?:

Team Overseer are the group of people that created the The M.E.G., and are the main leaders of the Faction, everything is done when Team Overseer gives the OK Signal. Their main bases are Level 1 "Base Alpha", and Level 4 "Base Omega".

The Team Is composed with these people:

  • 'Stretch' - The Main Leader of The M.E.G., the one who started the group. His Code is 'Overseer-A'.
  • 'Kat' - The Second Leader of The M.E.G., and is in charge of keeping order in the Faction. Her Code is 'Overseer-B'.
  • 'Andrew' - The Third Leader of The M.E.G., and is in charge of Building, and Shipments. His Code is 'Overseer-C'.

Data Collected:

They have created, and sorted the Teams, and have made a big Impact on The Backrooms people.

Stories Involving Overseer:

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