M.E.G.: Log 2472

Radio Transmission, Log ID: 2472

The following is a radio transmission between M.E.G. and an explorer, codename: “Ranger”


Ranger: This is Ranger. Reporting for the mandatory check-in.

M.E.G.: Copy that. Password.

R: The Black Sea’s tide washes over the unstained shores.

M: Copy Ranger, status.

R: I see, uhh. *long pause* I see.. what seems to be the fifth human, spotted about 50 yards ahead. He’s walking sort of, aimlessly. Searching I reckon. Over.

M: Copy Ranger, does the figure have any distinguishing features or peculiarities? Anything of note? Over.

R: No. again just an average looking fella. I’m really starting to think I ain’t the first one to arrive here. Should I at least talk to him? Over.

M: Negative. No records past show of this level. It is unknown whether it is a human or an entity. Highly unadvised to engage.

R: I feel like you guys ain’t accountin’ for the fact it’s a hundred and some degrees out here, and the man looks like he has water on his bag. I don’t wanna sneak around no more. I’m turning my radio on so you can hear the whole thing. Don’t say nothin’ I’m covering my radio. Over.

M: Copy Ranger. Use caution.

R: *Continuous feed is turned on. Walking can be heard for 10 seconds.* Hey, guy! Over here!

Human: Oh, hey there!

R: *Relieved sigh* Oh goodness above, thank you. I was really hop in’ you weren’t one of those things. I’ve been here for a few days wandering about, trying to find some exit. Hotter than hell out here innit?

H: Oh surely. I’ve been here a while too. *The voice becomes louder, as it walks closer*

R: Right. So you don’t know your way out either, Damn. You holed up some place around here?

H: Oh, no. We venture off the highway too far to be close to here.

R: We? What do you mean we? Are you with the other people I’ve passed?

H: Sure thing. I got a question for ya, though.

R: Yeah, um. Sure thing.

H: You don’t happen to have a ride do you?

R: What in the hell- why would I be walkin’ in this hell heat if I had a car? If anything I should be asking’ you that! You said you weren’t close to here, what do you mean by that?

H: Oh we’ll take you there. Just relax. It’ll be better there. We can save you.

R: Save me? Oh no, I don’t think I like the sound of that. I’m fine out her-

H: Hush, boy. The Light saves all.

R: No no, not me- *footsteps can be heard again with various shuffling noises* you stay away, don’t come close don’t fo-

H: Foolish boy, the Light saves all, and damns those who deny it!!

R: *the footsteps come to a halt with a solid muffled thud.* What in the- Hey! Get aw-*a loud scream from what is assumed to be ranger can be heard.*

H: The Light damns you! You’ll be crucified!

R: Hey hey! Wait! I’ll accept it! I accept the Ligh-

*Radio signal cut*

M: Ranger, copy! Can you hear us? Ranger!

*Radio silence*

LOG END ID: 2472

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