M.E.G.: Level Discovery Log
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M.E.G. Event Log 4: Type Level: December/29/2012:
This Log is to keep track of the first encounters of Levels through anonymous users of multiple sites before the creation of The M.E.G. Archive Data Center. This Log will expand over time throughout The Backrooms.

Here is the list of post for the first Level appearences:

The first report of The Backrooms and Level 0:

"If you're not careful and you No-Clip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you"

~ An anonymous 4chan user

First Report of Level 1:

"I was alone. I was travailing through The Backrooms, I was, until a saw this… thing, it was like a.. a Smile, I ran, I ran the fastest i have ever ran in my life. I ran so quickly that I think I lost it.. I… I think I did… I still see it… in the corner of my eye… when I stopped, the lights went out… everything is so dark, besides… god it's, it's there! I gotta ge…"

A few minutes later.

"Guys… I'm lost… I don't know where I am I… Am I even in The Backrooms anymore… No it's… It's too similar to The Backrooms… Am I… Am I insane, am I dead!? is this hell!? I don't… I don't know anymore… Everything is made of concrete, the only thing that is keeping me sane is this phone… I don't know, it's like… It's like another Level. The second floor, i guess… there is a lot more then meets the eye here… And I don't know if I can survive…"

~ An anonymous Reddit user

This also seems to be the first Reference of a "Level", in any of the old posts.

First Report of Level 2:


First Report of Level 3:


First Report of Level 4:


First Report of Level 5:


First Report of Level 6:


First Report of Level 7:

"My stupidity knows no bounds. I don't know what it is about this floor, but for some reason I'm much braver here. Stupidly brave. So brave, I should be dead. I almost died. The fact that I'm alive is confusing to me. So what did I do that was so brain dead? So moronic? So dangerous? Well, long story short, I accidentally fell into the water of Level 7, as i'm calling it. I'm now trying to get a cup of the water. Before I mention what happened, let me share some more interesting details about this place. The water isn't salt water, nor fresh water, nor liquid nitrogen like I assumed after my hand incident, hell it's not even Almond Water. The water is one hundred percent distilled. I don't know why it is, but it's just completely distilled. Pure H2O. Honestly, the most Backrooms thing I could have imagined from this floor. Now, this doesn't explain the freezing cold, nor does it explain the fact that it suddenly heated to room temperature the second I brought the first cup of it into the room. At least it's safe to drink, I believe. I don't know. Okay, back to the suspense and terror! I guess… So I fell into the icy, dark, liquid abyss below me. I made the mistake of looking down underwater and panicked immediately. Even back in my old life in the normal world, looking down in the ocean would fuck me up inside. I was literally staring into an endless blue-green void below me, full of god-knows-what. However, a terrifying monster made out of my darkest nightmares wasn't going to pop out at me on the surface in the regular ocean. But in case you hadn't noticed, this is The Backrooms. So my irrational fears were completely rationalized. And boy, did they catch up to me. They caught up to me in the form of that, that thing on Level 7, who noticed movement in his massive, endless domain, and darted toward it. Meanwhile, I was floundering above the water, my head barely above. The immense pain aside, I was more scared than I've ever been in my whole life. You couldn't possibly understand the feeling even if I were to try my hardest to put it into words. Fuck it, I'll try anyway. As I said, I'm afraid of the ocean. So already, I'm in a situation that scares me more than anything else. On top of that, everything's dark aside from the bright but seemingly far off light above me. So the water around me is dark. Even in pools, night swimming was somewhat unsettling to me. Something would always feel off when I swam around at dark, even if nothing could possibly hurt me. On top of that, gravity is preventing my only hope of escape. So I'm unable to get out. There's an endless darkness below me, with a creature that is absolutely out for blood. I'm not safe at all, and my brain is screaming this at me while it's trying to process the other red flags around me. In other words, my brain is overloaded with fear. All I can do is weakly splash around as my doom approaches at record speeds. I know I'm about to die. I know it, and it's killing me. In this moment, I feel like I'm suffocating, like my own fear is choking me. Everything hurts, and I'm almost wishing to die so that I can finally stop panicking, but at the same time, I'm not ready to die. I'm afraid. Obviously. I'm astonished at the fact that I didn't freeze up from the fear (and the cold) and that I didn't faint. Either of these things would have killed me. I'm too lucky. But finally, my strength gives out, and my head goes below the surface. And suddenly, with this dark blue around me and this darkness below me, and me being more scared than you could possibly imagine, I lock eyes with the embodiment of my worst fears, which is floating comfortably in front of me. Actually, I didn't really lock eyes with it. It doesn't have any eyes. It has no facial features whatsoever. It's a humanoid figure that's completely black, a shadowy being all alone in this infinite glacial hell. It's more of a silhouette than an actual sentient being. There's one exception to the lack of facial features, which is its mouth. Its mouth is only visible when it's open, and when it's open, it's open. it takes up a good third of its face. The cherry on top is its roughly 5 inch, sharp, pearly white teeth. It had its mouth open in a sick, twisted grin that spelled everything awful for me. I almost gave up completely. I think I was sobbing. I can't tell, because I was underwater. I'm fairly certain I was, because I was making the motions, but I still am not fully sure. Then, suddenly, something changed. The Thing On Level 7 let out a horrible, otherworldly scream. It was muffled, due to us being underwater, but dear God, it was still audible, and it was still awful. Its skin suddenly seemed to explode into a cloud of something black and cloudy, which filled the water around it and floated to the surface. The Thing was still alive, but it retreated back o the depths. I don't know why it did this, but I did see it swim away down into the black depths below me, faster than kids with superiority complexes reaching floor 86. It just… left. I swam to the surface and with all of my strength, managed to get my hands onto the door frame and hoist myself back into the room. I'm currently shaking. Both from cold and from trauma. I may never sleep again. I'm huddled on the floor in the corner. Please, if you all know what's good for you, don't go to Level 7. This place makes 6 look tame. There's no insanity. Just the Thing. The Thing and myself, and my comatose team members. God, I'm so scared."

~ u/Bart0nius

First Report of Level 8:

"Well, me and the guys went exploring Level 7 with a water proof drone. You know, I still have no idea how we got this, as u/ProbablyKenny told us he found a guy that was working for an ocean exploration company, and was carrying a tiny drone, before No-Clipping into The Backrooms by accident. Coincidence? probably, but we got extremely lucky, as always. Well, I'll keep you posted if anything happens, if anything at all."

A while later:

Okay, so lemme catch you up to speed: While u/avolded was piloting the remote controlled drone on a laptop. A sort of reanimated fish skeleton thing, covered in tar attacked our drone thing. But we ended up finding a hole, while trying to save the drone. Using this, we managed to find an underwater exit. I'm not sure exactly WHERE it is in relation to Level 7's saferoom, only that it's close to what looks like the mouth of a massive cave. I don't know if the Thing knows about it. Speaking of, although it took my hand off and stuff, I'm gonna miss the Thing. I sort of warmed up to it over time. I told it to not get off its guard after I leave, and to shoot first, ask questions later when a new traveler appears. Others may try to befriend it or kill it. Also, neither of these will work. The Thing was still circling the drone the whole time. If anything happens, though, u/ProbablyKenny should be able to manage it. Okay, so after all this, u/Backrooms_wanderer decided to swim down there. We didn't want him to kill himself, so we followed him down, and of course I was terrified. Anyways we made it to what i'm calling Level 8. I hate this place. Don't get me wrong, it's not as awful as Level 7, which is nigh-impossible to cross. We just got really lucky, again, as always. Don't know how you guys will be able to get to Level 8 after us. But Level 8 is almost as spooky to me as Level 7. We set up a camp in this place, well i really can't call it a camp, it's just like a few sleeping bags we found, I guess we are not the first here after all. There is a bit of a problem though, Level 8 is a cave crawling all over with spiders. Spiders everywhere. They are just crawling though every crevasse. There are some small pools of water around too. They aren't safe to drink. They seem semi-poisonous. Not almond water, but poisonous. And one of the bigger spiders found me, asleep in the camp. And right now, I'm in a massive spiderweb, this thing is huge. What a way to start out, right? On 7, at least I got some breathing room. Here I just get launched straight into the belly of the beast. No clue where the others are. Hopefully they'll come get me before the spider that made this web sucks my organs out through some unpleasant orifice. Well, at least i though that was going to happen. Luckily enough, Rue got me out of the spiderweb before the spider-thing got back to it. So no organs being sucked out of an unpleasant orifice today. The spiders freak me out. They’re not really spiders, of course. They’re… I believe they’re things. I can’t fully tell. Something feels really OFF about them. I’ve been afraid of spiders since I was a child, and even though I’m less afraid of them now, these ones are REALLY weird. No matter where in Level 8 you may be, you know that you’re being watched by those spider-things. You can’t really tell where they’re watching you from, but they’re somewhere in the walls. Sometimes they come out, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, when you find one, it’s big, sometimes it’s tiny. It’s unnerving… I should also mention the water pools. While they aren’t poisonous as I expected, there are different Things in there as well. Now, at this point, I’m used to seeing shapes in the water, but rarely have I seen any come OUT of the water. One of them did, once. It’s sort of serpentine. It’s a bit like a snake in some way that I can’t pin. Anyway, one of them reared its head above one of the pools to stare directly at me. It had coal-black eyes and a scaly head, and it looked like it was about to strike, when suddenly Avoid managed to grab it by the neck and throw it back into its pool. It was making a SINISTER noise. I never want to see one of those again, but I have seen their shapes in the water. I’ve counted roughly four (4) of them thus far. In other news, my hand is doing better. I cauterized it and bandaged the stump, and u/Blastbolt decided to give me a hook, but it didn't fit very well. It’s pretty cool though, and now I have a backup weapon if ever I need one. That’s all for now. I’ll probably update tomorrow if I find anything else.

~ u/Bart0nius

First Report of Level 9:

"I fell through the floor. I sunk down and landed in an unfamiliar place. There were no spiders, but I still felt like I was being watched. Around me, there was a street, houses, and dead trees everywhere. My head felt, and still feels… fuzzy. Like TV static in my brain. I lost consciousness but apparently had an outburst, according to u/Centurion. I was talking about death, pain, weakness… all kinds of awful things. Level 9 is Level 6 on crack. I can tell there are going to be Things, but the effects on sanity are bad. Almost, ALMOST as bad as Level 6."

~ u/Bart0nius

At this point "The Explorers" group disappeared, and were never seen again.

First Report of Level 10:

“So I’ve been walking for maybe six days and there’s nothing but this dirt road and the field surrounding it, I tried going off route and I got put back on the path. Note to self: there‘s almond water in the fields, it tastes sweet. I’ve been hearing trumpets and roaring in the distance and I saw something in the fog. I snapped a photo of it, I still can’t tell what it is. If you hear someone yell ‘Fire!’ go back to the path immediately, an arrow went in to my shoulder and I’m still bleeding. I think I saw a tower in the distance and somebody on top with a bow. Everything is calm. It is silent. She saved me. An angel appeared in the sky, trumpet in hand. If you find yourself in Level 10, stay in one spot. She will find you faster that way.”

~ An anonymous user

First Report of Level 11:


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