M.E.G.: First Encounter - Entity 99
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M.E.G. Event Log 342: Type Entity: 12/4/2019:
This Discovery Log details the first documented encounter with Entity 99, "the Game Master". With the use of an elevator found in Level 0, an M.E.G. operative attempted to locate a Level much deeper in the Backrooms than explored previously. However, the elevator's only unique option was for Level 389.

Begin Log:

(Time: 11:02 AM)

This is OP. Evans, the elevator has arrived to its destination without issue. I'm going to be exploring "Level 389", though I didn't have much of a choice. It was either this or the first three Levels, which we have already documented. Still awaiting a radio call, my device is up and running again. Currently waiting for- Never mind, elevator door is open. Heading in now. Evans out.

End Log:

(Time: 11:03 AM)

Begin Log:

(Time: 11:19 AM)

  • Base: OP. Evans, this is Charlie at base. How are you holding up?
  • OP: Doing fine, thanks. This Level is… weird. There's like, little games everywhere. Its like a massive warehouse full of random games on tables or on the floor. There's even a Nintendo 64 hooked up to a TV.
  • Base: Large open area?
  • OP: Mostly. There's no doors, but there are openings that lead into other areas. Jesus… who decorated this mess? Every few feet of walling is painted a different color or wallpaper.
  • Base: Noted. Any signs of wanderers or non-aggressive Entities?
  • OP: No, this place is empty. Though… there's this big ass creepy… doll on the ground, just laying there.
  • Base: Take a picture of it, it could be in a dormant state. We may not be able to get one after.
  • OP: Okay. Getting out the cam now. (…) Got it?
  • Base: Yeah. Wait, that's not right.
  • OP: What?
  • Base: Are you in a dark area?
  • OP: No, this place is well lit. Why?
  • Base: The image, it… Its just eyes.
  • OP: What? That can't be right. Send the image back.
  • Base: I_CAN_SEE_YOU.gif
  • OP: So this place is like Level 12, what with the censorship.
  • Base: It might not be. Try taking a picture of something else in the Level.
  • OP: Got it. (…) Okay, sending a picture of a-a long chess board.
  • OP: image00248293842.jpeg
  • Base: I see. So its just that doll that can't be photographed. I'm gonna take a slot from the Entities archive, this thing seems to mean trouble. Ring me if something happens. Watch your back.
  • OP: Yeah.
  • Base: Charlie out. (Disconnect)

End Log:

(Time: 11:32 AM)

Begin Log:

(Time: 11:50 AM)

OP Evans, major problem. The exit elevator is gone. I might not make it out of here alive. That puppet thing is animated. Currently in hiding. Will message back if anything changes. Evans out.

End Log:

(Time: 11:52 AM)

Begin Log:

(Time: 11:54 AM)

This is Charlie at base, is everything okay??? Stay in hiding, we have nothing related to a puppet in our database, I have no idea what that thing is. Evans, put on your mic and leave it on so we can hear whats happening. We'll get you out of there. I can get Quick Match to that Elevator if you need it. Charlie out.

End Log:

(Time: 11:55 AM)

Begin Log:

(Time: 12:00 PM)

At 12:00 PM, OP Evan's comms system went online and relayed his audio back to Base. The first two minutes of audio were mostly quiet, although the sound of dragging could be heard in the background.

Entity 99: Oooooh~! Has my visitor arrived already? I know you're iiiin heeeere~.

OP Evans begins breathing faster.

Entity 99: Would it be scarier if I said I could smell you?

OP Evans goes silent.

Entity 99: I can't by the way, I don't have nostrils.

The sounds of cloth feet dragging across the floor grow closer.

OP: (Whispering) Clipping radio to chest. Can't be too descriptive, I'll describe its appearance if I get back.

Evans presumably comes out of wherever he was hiding, and stands up.

OP: If you're gonna kill me then just get it over with.

Entity 99: Ahahaha~! There you are!

OP: (…) What the hell are you!?

Entity 99: Well so much for first impressions… But I'll let it slide this time. I am the Game Master. And this is my prison cell. Welcome to your new eternity, with me~. Mwhahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

OP: G-Get the hell away from me!

Entity 99: Pfft, ahahahaha! I'm just kidding, you're not stuck here forever! ….aaand you might as well put that gun away, I already took the bullets out~

The sound of several bullets being dropped on the ground can be heard.

Entity 99: Now then… Do you wanna play a game~?

End Log:

(Time: 12:07 PM)

Note: At this point, there was a blackout of audio coming from Operative Evans for about twenty minutes. His radio seemed to turn on again mid-sentence.

Begin Log:

(Time: 12:28 PM)

Entity 99: Uhehehehe~ Are you enjoying ya-self?

OP: For my own sake, I'll say 'yes'.

Entity 99: Aw hun, won'tcha light up a bit? I told you I wont hurt'cha~! Well… as long as you don't lose…

OP: I don't think I'll even know if you're lying or not for another hour or so. This chess game has been dragging on for so long. Wh-why the hell did you make the board this long!?

Entity 99: Hey, do real wars take place in perfect little arenas? No! This is far more realistic, a huge improvement, aahahahaha~

OP: …sure.

Entity 99: Hey, if it makes you feel better, you did pick the beginners version. The normal version is so lo- um… realistic, it'd need its own Level, ehehe!!

OP: How comforting…

(They both sat in silence for another 40 minutes.))

Entity 99: WHAT??? That's impossible!!! How could you possibly beat me???

OP: Well I had an hour to prepare a Fool's Mate, so I went ahead with that when our armies finally met.

Entity 99: Gulhhg… Fine. A deal's a deal. You can leave now. (Grumbles).

OP: Why did you say "grumbles" out loud-


OP: O-okay okay! Um… goodbye…

Entity 99: Grrr…

OP: Hang on, wheres the elevator?

Entity 99: Oh right! Hang on… (…) Just down the hall on your left~!

OP: Right… Thanks.

Entity 99: Come back anytime~

(OP Evans steps walks over to the elevator, and selects Level 0. He sits in silence for about 5 minutes.)

OP: On my way back to Base right now. I'm fine. See you guys soon, Evans out.

End Log:

(Time: 1:48 PM)

Post-Event Summary

OP Evans returned to Base Alpha in Level 0 with no injuries. All of the audio files were retrieved from his radio and uploaded to the database. Pages were added to the database for both Level 389 and Entity 99. Based on audio and OP Evans testimony, it is believed that the Game Master has notable control over reality around her and is considered highly dangerous.

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