Love Ballad II (intoxicated) (bonus track)
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was i wrong?

everything in me
deep down

a mortar of apathy
and sympathy

the solar ball, shining
eclipsed, shadowed

you played checkers, i
played chess

watching me stare out,
that cliff

screaming aloud, echoes about
the salt

taste the air, oh
so tough

and begin again, to
fall again

was i meant to not make those mistakes.

i stare away, watching the waves tumble and fall.

they falter oh, so far.

are you really gonna talk about time at times like these?

time coming to an end, you watching me about to cut it off.

you told me i wasn’t allowed to stay, but i stayed there anyways.

now i’m never welcome again, and you’re simply waiting for me.

taking that final step never hurt as much as it does today.

no other sadness would do but this one, in this single moment.

now i’m drunk and you’re sober.

and no other sadness in the world would do.

Love Ballad II (intoxicated) (bonus track)

Meghan Remis
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