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Hey Lisa

I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry that I left before the end of the party it was really not cool of me… and you're right, I am really the worst friend, I should have never said that to Lucie and I should stop telling Marine everything you do.

I’d like to discuss this with you at the café tomorrow, however I don’t think that will be possible. Actually I think we will never go at the café together, It’s dumb, but I loved going out with you and the girls.. I don’t think we’ll ever see each other again.

Like never never…

I'm in a super weird place and I'm honestly a little bit scared, I haven't met anyone yet but it looks super large l’m sure i will find people!

I'm scared that if i send an even longer message it won't be sent especially since there's almost no WiFi. You wouldn't be able to put up with it here lol.

Anyway i really hope you get my message. I hope to see you again so much and I promise I'll pay back all those coffees you bought me.

I love you so much Lisa…

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