Notable Person - The Actor
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There's not too much information available, so I don't feel too bad asking you to do the document write-up for this individual. It's not great for information archiving, but at least it's relatively low-effort. There are only a few materials to use as reference, and very little from those materials that turned out to be usable. A lot of these are closer to being scraps than references. The papers aren't originals, so feel free to scribble on them to your heart's content. I'm sure you'll want to spread them out on a desk to get a good look at everything, drag them around and whatnot.

Also, I do know that you're working under an alias. A very obvious username of some sort. Don't worry, I understand completely about the anonymity. I don't look gift horses in the mouth, if that's an expression anyone still uses these days.

Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate the assistance.



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