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I'm Liminal Doctor. I'm 20 years old and a second year uni student. I am a trans man (hence the colour choice in the banner). A bit of English, a bit of Welsh.

The main reason I'm here is cause December 2021 I wanted to join a horror rp server and decided to join a Backrooms one despite having little interest in the Backrooms.

I have a beloved cat called Aggie who will make many appearances across this page and who joined me in writing this.

Liminal's recommendations

One Shot
Papers Please
Yume Nikki
Little Nightmares
It Steals
Junji Ito
Frog Detective
Lookouts (visual novel)


Level 248


Level 248 takes the appearance of a parking garage with cars parked sparsely throughout. Though it is possible to encounter others on this level, Level 248 is affected by a phenomenon that renders all other living beings invisible, including entities.

Level 248 is fine.
It's not bad, and it was only a Classicon entry, but its potential outweighs its content. Maybe I'll rewrite it someday but I have original ideas I'd rather write first.

Level 249


When close to death, a wanderer may awaken in a shed on Level 249. Outside is a funeral home surrounded by a thick forest covered in fog. A crowd of familiar faces huddle around, unable to recognise the wanderer's attempts to interact with them. Here, the wanderer witnesses their own funeral.

My first and most popular article. I like it a lot and I'm happy with how it turned out.


Dog House

"the following text is very good—very good, some of the best on the site" - SecondtoInfinity

Suprisingly, my most controversial page.


Phenomenon 18


Those affected by Phenomenon 18 find themselves with a new identity: The Infinite Wanderer. Attached to this is a journey that seems to be without a conclusion. The Infinite Wanderer lives a content life and one that is hard to understand.

Oh Infinite Wanderer, how I love you.

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