What are Levels?:

A Level is a section of the Backrooms separate from all others. They are typically divided by a door, floor, or can only be accessed from no-clipping. They make up the Backrooms and house all things within them. Not all Levels are directly on top of eachother, but some are, and some have an unknown placement.

What are Quantum Stable Levels?:

These are the "main" Levels of the Backrooms, as they are the most stable and have the most information regarding them. In addition, these are considered the 'starting Levels', being the first ones you will visit. While varying in levels of danger, you have the highest chance of survival in most of these Levels.

Quantum Stable Levels:

Normal Levels:

Secret Levels:

What are Quantum Fluctuant Levels?:

All Levels below the 9th Level are considered quantum fluctuant, as they vary in stability. Many of them are unconfirmed or have much less documented information. Going deeper than this is considered a journey, and it is unsafe to make a permanent base in this area. Nonetheless, making up the majority of the Backrooms, keeping data on them is important.

Quantum Fluctuant Levels:

Normal Levels:

  • Cluster I (Levels 9 to 999)
  • Cluster II (Levels 1000 to 1999)
  • Cluster III (Levels 2000 to 2999)


  • Cluster I (Levels 0.5 to 999.5)
  • Cluster II (Levels 1000.5 to 1999.5)
  • Cluster III (Levels 2000.5 to 2999.5)

Negative Levels:

  • Cluster I (Levels -0 to -999)
  • Cluster II (Levels -1000 to -1999)
  • Cluster III (Levels -2000 to -2999)

Secret Levels:

Joke Levels:

Joke Levels are non-cannon, humorous entries that are written for fun. However, this is not an excuse to clutter them up with shitposts. Please put actual effort in if you intend to make a Joke Level.

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