Level -9
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Class 4

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Level -9 is the 10th negative level in the Backrooms, where there is a box around you at all times, obscuring your view.


It is not possible to get a visual description of Level -9, attributed to the fact that walls seem to box in your view, approximately 2 meters away from the point of vision. This box appears to be made of the exact same wallpaper found in Level 0, and is impossible to interact with, as it does not adjust to the direction of which an individual is looking. Anything within this box with the exception of your own person is not visible or detectable in any way other than what sounds they make and their smell. This property includes the clothing on a person, naturally causing great discomfort to a significant portion of individuals in this level.

Individuals who wander in this level are still able to interact with walls and doors, which the walls have the texture of typical cardboard. The sounds emanated from the level are reminiscent of rushing water flowing through pipes, as any typical underground plumbing sounds like. The sounds of pluming are sourced from the walls, and are impossible, as the walls themselves are only about six inches thick. The level's layout is a tight maze of corridors, with no single hallway being more than seven meters long without any sorts of exits. Doors also litter the halls, almost taking up half the space on the wall, with half having braille labels and the other half not. The layout has been proven to be hyper-dimensional, as certain actions, such as walking around a set of walls, can completely change the layout around an individual. Some combination of corridors are also not explainable with 3D geometry, as there can be more or less space than what's possible.

The level is very dangerous, as jumping through the wall or entering a door without a braille label might result in exiting into even worse levels or result in a situation that leads to instant death. When a door is opened or a wall is jumped through, if the other end does not lead to more of the level, the effect of the box suddenly disappears with the wanderer's belongings lying in front of them, with the entrance back into level -9 nowhere to be seen. The Blinded are all over the level, and are the majority of what makes the level dangerous, however they are much easier to escape from than in other levels because of the water rushing sounds from the pipes.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level

Entrances And Exits:


While it is possible to no-clip into the level by random chance, the only guaranteed way to enter the level is to fall off of the fecal strip in Level 226.


Exiting the level is easy, but also quite risky. Jumping through the wall has a reasonable probability of ending up in a random level, although it most likely will lead to a level that is quite dangerous. Entering through a door with braille numbering will lead you to the corresponding level, while entering a door without a braille label could lead to any random level, but once again will most likely lead to a level that is incredibly dangerous.

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