Level -7
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Class 4

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The fields of level -7 (provided by @Multiple_Mods).

Level -7 is a deadly and toxic level, that is recommended to be avoided


When you first enter level -7, it resembles an abandoned mining town. You can eventually leave the town, and if you do so you will find endless fields, but it is recommended to avoid doing this, as the fields are full of hostile entities that do not enter the town due to its anomalies.

The town itself is full of mine entrances, some of which are believed to enter Level -6, though this has never been confirmed. It is not based off of a real town nor does it seem to be from any kind of country in nature. The signs are complete gibberish, but show drawings of people in distress and sickness.

The town is either sentient or alive in some capacity. Doors and gates will shut randomly, and lock behind you. One survivor reported the gates to a cemetery inside of the town closing shut and locking themselves. The survivor nearly died of this because at the time the mist was coming near. After a recent successful communication it is known that the town is aware of the suffering it causes, and is even capable of controlling the mist to target specific people.

In the center of this town there is a factory which is highly radioactive in nature. It has never been possible to enter the factory, as it’s toxicity and radiation will kill you first. The factory used to be some form of chemical waste plant, which could be the source of level -7’s high radiation.

Approximately every 5 hours, the factory will begin to release a mist. The mist is usually described as dark grey, but is sometimes a deep green or blue. The mist is incredibly dangerous to inhale, and will begin to cut the lungs and damage the throat of any victim who inhales it. Interestingly, the mist is largely carbon-based in form.

Anyone who inhales the mist will die. Within the next 3 hours, the mist will cover the whole town. During this time your only option is to run into the fields, which are infested with entities.

After several recent trips to level -7, the M.E.G were finally able to make contact with whatever is controlling the mist within the town. They did so by accident. They came near the chemical waste plant, armed with hazmat gear and flashlights, when the town’s entity (Which refers to itself as “The Purity”) Communicated with them over an interference in the radios. It’s voice was too distorted to make out as human, however individual words could be distinguished.

Purity: I. AM. PURITY.

M.E.G representative: What are you? How are you communicating with us?

Purity: POWER.

M.E.G: You control the radiation?

Purity: IT. IS. PURITY.

M.E.G: Your “Purity” has killed one of us.



M.E.G: What?


After this point the factory emitted a blast of radiation that corroded the hazmat gear of the M.E.G member. They escaped, but died of a shortened lifespan within the next year.

Colonies And Outposts

There are no known Colonies or Outposts on this level

Entrances And Exits:


There are several ways to enter level -7. Traveling too far into Level 10 while following a ditch, Escaping Level -6, Or using one of the doors in level -1 may take you to this level.


It is unknown how to exit level -7 in a safe manner, but a few ways have been used to varying degrees of success.

In June, when the M.E.G “Team compass point” first discovered the level, they escaped going through the fields and into Level 10, however this took hours, and they ran into several hostile entities during this time.
It is also possible to hide in the mines when level -7’s mist covers the town, however there is no currently known way of escaping the level through those mines.

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