Level -5
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A possible photo of Level -5.


A pillbox in Level -5.

Level -5 is described as a field landscape with a layer of snow.


Level -5 is described as a field landscape with a layer of snow. Unlike most other Levels, Level -5 appears to be completely devoid of any entities. Travelling in any direction will eventually return from the rear of where you started. Because of this, it is believed the overall space of Level -5 is smaller than most other levels. Deep within Level -5, a small concrete building can be found Resembling a WW2-Era Pillbox with a door on one side and a small stepped gun embrasure on the other.

Peering into the embrasure is described as pitch black, Although entering the door on the other side appears a hallway similar to Level -2's "The Hall of Dull Flames" The only difference being that the light stays a blood-red color, The hallways is described as "Never ending" With a pattern of small placards on the wall reading "NEW YEARS 1945". The hallway is seemingly infinite, however it is unclear if it actually is or if it its length projects the feeling of infinity.

Littering the hall as well, lie WWII propaganda posters. All of them originating from varying countries. They all appear to be in their own languages, Japanese, English, German, and so on. Smiles shine on the posters, unsettlingly. The seemingly war propaganda has faces that appear slightly off putting. Piercing eyes and faces too happy to convey the seriousness of war. Some of them too worn to even be read, their faces yet a bit too distinctive amongst the aged posters. Miles deep, a few old war gas masks have been found. Their color and condition displays the age clearly, but they are seemingly intact, aside from the filter. If a filter replacement could be fashioned, they might actually come in handy.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Entrances And Exits:

Level -5 can be found by venturing deeper into Level -4. The exit leading to Level -6 Is believed to be at the end of the end of the infinite hallways , although further descriptions are yet to be documented.

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