Level -4.1
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Picture of Level 4.1.

Level -4.1 is a Sub-Level between Level -4 and Level -5. It was discovered on 2/23/18 by an unnamed explorer.

This Level is oddly ancient and appears to be a previously unknown part of the Backrooms.


Level -4.1 is a large cavern with no physical entrance or exit. It is approximately 200 thousand square feet. The cavern is made of various types of rocks in different areas. These rocks include but are not limited to, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, marble, slate, and granite. There are some precious metals and crystals within Level -4.1, but they are rare and limited. This makes them very valuable to traders. These include gold, quartz, diamond, platinum, and silver. The limited size of this cavern makes it able to be explored efficiently.

This cavern appears to be one of the most ancient places in The Backrooms. It appears that neanderthals from the middle of The Pleistocene Epoch used to appear here. There are primitive writings on the walls, occasional grunts coming from further down the cave, and neanderthals' skeletons. They avoid any people at all times, hiding in nooks and crannies of the caves. It is unknown how they have survived this long, but it is believed that they are related to the Tribe of Level 58.

There are torches set around the cavern that provide a moderate light. These torches do not extinguish or burn away. Any attempts to do so have failed. The moderate lighting allows for Smilers to appear. Other basic entities such as Facelings, Wretches, Hounds, etc. have been found here. These entities, however, are not exactly like their present-day counterparts. They have some different features that have allowed them to adapt in Level -4.1. Hounds using echolocation and having sensitive ears, Wretches, and Facelings being slightly different and acting slightly more passive. These entities are not fully documented and should be avoided. Along with these entities, the invulnerable animals from Level -4 have appeared here too.

This Level is odd in some ways. There is an odd sense of something watching you. It can intensely affect the mind of a wanderer. Turning around to see nothing. Occasional footsteps can be heard from nothing. Shadows cast by air. A grainy static building in your head. Keep almond water with you at all times.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

The Tribe of Level -4.1

This tribe seems to have appeared in this Level around the migration to the Americas across the ice. Writings on the wall suggest they fell through the ice as a group and ended up in Level -4.1. Any attempts to communicate with them have been ignored.

Entrances And Exits:


This Level can be entered through Level -4. There is a large rock in the middle of Level -4 that can be noclipped through to Level -4.1. This Level can also be accessed through Level 2.1 by noclipping or breaking a hole in the floor.


This Level can be exited through small tunnels found around the cavern. These small tunnels have writings in them that indicate which levels they are. Some tunnels are mislabeled and can lead to random places. These small tunnels also only range from Level 0 to Level 8, with Level 8 being the most common.

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