Level -3
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Class 3

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Level -3 is a level composed entirely of mirrors, and is very disorientating


Level -3 is still mostly unexplored, but someone has managed to retrieve a picture. It seems to be built fully out of mirrors. Entities, which are mainly hostile on this level, are common, about as common as on Level 3. There are several types of entities in this level, including strange floating glass icosahedra nicknamed "disco balls", the omnipresent hounds, and one unseen entity that changes your appearance in the mirror.

In some cases objects can pass through certain mirrors in -3 and become physically reflected; doing this is not recommended, as it seems to be irreversible and is rumored to be dangerous. Under absolutely no circumstances should one attempt to pass through a mirror on -3 oneself.

Apart from sounds made by hounds and human explorers, this level is entirely silent. WIFI is available — it can be accessed similarly to the network on Level 3, except the password is instead "itsawyou". Wireless charging ports are occasionally available, taking the form of unmarked, seemingly random locations on the floor.

Entrances And Exits:

Level -3 is most likely accessed through Level-1, as most of the earlier negative levels are. It is unknown how to leave level -3, or if there is an escape.

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