Level -22
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Class 2

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Level -22 in its “Glitch Event” state.

Level -22 is the 23rd Negative Level of the Backrooms.
It is harsh and Almond Water is required to make it through safely.


Level -22 contains constant shifting walls, which change colors every ten seconds and are described to morph into different shapes. Occasionally, it will completely shift into unrecognizable visual artifacts. This has been dubbed “Glitch Event.” There are little to no entities here, only adult facelings who seem to warp along with the level. The properties of the level are what seem to cause wanderers who entered to go insane after some time of staying there, so taking Almond Water with you is required to explore this place. Once explorers go insane, they will find themselves in another level, usually Level 0 or Level 1. They are incredibly different, acting extremely erratic, and are not to be trusted. They are capable of speech, though slurred and may be in a different language. Addition of these people to the Entity list is being considered. Alert the appropriate MEG operative as soon as possible if you spot them. Only one person had returned sane from this level, and an interview has been conducted with them.


The interviewee has wished to remain anonymous, so their name will be replaced with “Interviewee.”

Interviewer: “So, what exactly did you see in the Level?”

Interviewee: “Um… I could make out what seemed to be adult facelings, so they didn’t hurt me. But randomly the entire place just…. Well you know those datamoshing videos? You can find them on the internet. It looked like that but just a mess of colors and shapes combined together. I managed to get a picture, I can show you.”

Interviewer: “That would be greatly appreciated. So, what effect would you say it had on your sanity?”

Interviewee: “God.. I-it felt like it was consuming me slowly, tearing my sanity away piece by piece. The almond water I had in my bag with me helped immensely. I might not be here if I didn’t have it

Interviewer: “Anything else you’d like to add?”

Interviewee: “No.”

Interviewer: “Thank you for your time.”

The recording ends.

Colonies And Outposts

This level has no colonies/outposts due to the harsh conditions.

Entrances And Exits:


In Level 4, find a green water cooler, and step in front of it. You will fall through the floor and into Level -22. Other entrances are yet to be discovered, because only one person has returned sane.


Exiting this level is thankfully easy; you must find a green wall and dive into it. You’ll clip through it and land in Level 0 or Level 1. Walls may shift colors, so this method will only work when a wall is green.

Dive into a pink wall and you’ll find yourself at a party! =)

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